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  1. Super Bowl XXIX: January 29, 1995. Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami, Florida

    San Diego Chargers - 26 San Francisco 49ers - 49


    Many changes for this field, most notably the NFL 75 logo at midfield. Other changes include the Super Bowl logo at the 30's (this was the same year the kickoff was moved back to the 30), no conference logo in the endzone, and the number coloring was the same color as the conference for each teams sideline. Also the 49ers wordmark was different from past wordmarks used with a lager black outline.

    This field ended up being a large amount of work, mostly done cleaning up the chargers wordmark and the NFL 75 logo because I only had poor resolution pictures for those. I also had to clean up the Super Bowl logo a bit as well as make the minor changes to the 49ers wordmark.

    All in all, I'd say this was one of my least favorite fields before the templated logo era, although there are some good things in this field. What I disliked the most was the exicution of the Chargers wordmark and the way the NFL logo looks in the helmets. It doesn't help that this was a terrible game as well.

    This game was over a minute into the game when Steve Young hit Jerry Rice with a long TD pass.

    The 94 49ers where one of the best teams in the Super Bowl era, while the 94 Chargers were one of the worst. The 49ers were 18 point favorites and covered the spread by winning by 23, and it wasn't even that close.

    This was one of the biggest mismatches in Super Bowl history and was the worst Super Bowl I had seen until this years

    At least SD put up double digits. Can't say the same about SB 35 and 48. Those two are the worst in my opinion

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