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  1. Add a little Realtree wetlands cameo with a Remington ad, and you have the best sweater ever made.
  2. The home and road look great to me, but the green on the alt is a little to bright for my taste but it still looks good
  3. I love the gold you used to replace they gray/ silver the actual logo has
  4. Ward26


    I would love one or two if you guys are still taking request. Michigan Football Home Ward 26 Michigan Hockey Maize Alt Ward 26 If you can't do the hockey sweater, I understand.
  5. I lIke what you've done with all the teams so far. I'm probably one of the few that like the horse logo for Calgary. Phoenix is a thing of beauty.
  6. I know absolutely nothing about cricket. But these look fantastic.
  7. I love those Florida jerseys, and the idea of the darker gold. I'm not a huge fan of the Nashville one, but I could see used in Stadium Series type game
  8. I've always wanted the Bruins to get a gold alt. I like the one you have here
  9. I love the colors you used. Big upgrade from their current logo, in my eyes.
  10. I love those Anchorage jerseys. A green alt would be nice to see. I like the Tech jerseys too, if it was me, I would switch both the logos to the other jersey. Looking forward to the rest of the WCHA, I would love to see what you can do for Michigan and the rest of the B1G.
  11. Ward26

    B1G Hockey

    Here is Indiana. I kept these jerseys real simple.