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  1. Uma @CocaNoMc para @beaxavieer

  2. Dormida de leve na aula de redação... http://t.co/3vFF7fLMdB

  3. Esporte Clube Santo André, also known as Santo André, is a brazilian football team from Santo André, São Paulo. Santo André greatest rival is São Caetano, the other team in ABC region. The club's mascot name is Ramalhão ("Big Ramalho") after the bandeirante João Ramalho. João Ramalho founded the city of Santo André in 1553. The club is one of the most traditional in the dispute, and 4 years ago was vice champion of the state elite, losing to the Saints, who had Neymar in the final.
  4. RT @beaxavieer: "Te ver e não te querer, é improvável, é impossível.." ? @JNetoo0 http://t.co/roVP13PdeY

  5. Grêmio Esportivo Osasco, commonly known as Grêmio Osasco, or Osasco, is a brazilian football club based in Osasco, São Paulo. The Club was founded in 2007 by a group of dissatisfied with Esporte Clube Osasco fans, not disputed any official competition. The club is funded by Banco Bradesco, one of Brazil's leading banks. The team purchased the Audax São Paulo, the team that would dispute the main division of the state, then the main room we Grêmio Osasco Audax, while in the second division we Grêmio Osasco, with very similar shells, same owner, but just changing the colors. It is one of the leading clubs will fight for access.
  6. Sociedade Esportiva Itapirense, commonly known as Itapirense, is a Brazilian football club based in Itapira, São Paulo. The team does not have a lot of tradition, founded in 1943, it has only a single title, the second division São Paulo, won in 1969. Is one of the clubs that will battle to avoid relegation to the third division state.
  7. Guarani Futebol Clube is a Brazilian football club located in Campinas, São Paulo. Guarani is also known as Bugre, a popular term for an Indigenous Brazilian. Guarani's supporters are known as bugrinos. Is one of the most traditional clubs in the race, has one of Brazil's first division title and first of the second. favorite to climb to the top division of the state!
  8. Above, here's the logo I developed for the competition! Hey guys, I'm starting a new project, I'll shirts of participating teams from the Second Division of the São Paulo State Championship, using my fictitious brand, Wind Sports! There are 20 clubs in the race of the championship, which begins Jan. 25. The clubs are: - Batatais Futebol Clube - Capivariano Futebol Clube - Associação Ferrovária de Esportes - Grêmio Barueri Futebol Ltda. - Grêmio Catanduvense de Futebol - Guarani Futebol Clube - Guaratinguetá Futebol Ltda. - Sociedade Esportiva Itapirense - Marília Atlético Clube - Mirassol Futebol Clube - Atlético Monte Azul - Grêmio Esportivo Osasco - Red Bull Brasil - Rio Branco Esporte Clube - Santo André Esporte Clube - Esporte Clube São Bento - Associação Desportiva São Caetano - ‎São José Esporte Clube - União Agrícola Barbarense Futebol Clube - Associação Esportiva Velo Clube Rioclarense Hopefully follow, soon I post something to start!
  9. another drawing, this time the Argentine national team, something simple, but classy, hope you enjoy!
  10. I am disheartened by the lack of reviews, but here's one more concept mine!
  11. One more concept, Juventus FC/Adidas!
  12. One more! Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras/Nike.
  13. Se tudo der certo, ainda hoje to em Marília!