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  1. I feel like so many Jackets concepts miss the mark, but I think yours is near perfect. I would only change a few things: - I would suggest either a blue yoke or some other thing to add more blue to the away jersey, it feels pretty red-dominant to me still - Use one of the old Columbus Chill jerseys for the RR, it was the team that preceded the Jackets and I think it could look pretty sharp with the proper color balance But my favorite has to be the alt, I feel like the Union Cap logo was so underused and prior to the cannon was really the only part of the Jackets brand that had anything to do with the Civil War. Great job as always my man
  2. Cleveland Wall Sox, since Walleye is too modern sounding
  3. A flat and layered baseball jersey template that plays nicely with Inkscape would be awesome. I’m working on a personal project and almost all the links on the template megathreads are dead links
  4. Holy crap it’s so cool to see you back on these boards! I loved your work back when they were all on paper and I love your new stuff even more. That SVSC branding is so sleek and modern, I love it
  5. Wow ok, I’m so glad you got to my school. I think that this is an awesome compromise between the current look and previous look. In saying that, I think that adding orange to the bandana makes it look a little too busy. I think reverting to the grey on black might make it look less busy. Also, I think maybe doing replacing the Pistol Pete with Phantom Pete on the black jerseys might tie the look together. And one last little thing, I think adding a Boone patch or bumper on the helmets would really make the look special. With all he did for the school, he deserves a full-time patch similar to what the Bears and Lions have. But seriously, this makes me so happy as both a fan and an alumni
  6. Spencer Sanders looks good. Like real good. I’m glad Gundy benched him last year to better understand the offense
  7. I also think that with the Jackets rehashing, maybe use neon more than white in the striping. Unfortunately for you, highlighter yellow, white, and red may be the most jarring set of colors together. I also think using the current number font may look better as well. Finally, I think adding the black sleeves from their old alternate could help make it a more unique jersey
  8. I would be interested in your take on Oklahoma State. I know the team is like decent at best, but it’s be cool to see them reimagined
  9. Wow, SDSU looks amazing. I love the inclusion of N7 as inspiration for the alternates. My only gripe is that the NoB on the home jerseys are all kinda difficult to read. I’d suggest using white instead of red on them. Do you plan on using the N7 for other schools?
  10. I think the Husky head should be front and center with this rebrand, it’s such a distinctive logo and stands out better than the C logo, IMO. I think it’d be cool to do a throwback look with the old logo and and use powder blue as the main color
  11. I honestly am not sure if this has set in yet for me completely. I was only a few months old when I went to the first ever game in Nationwide Arena. This team was what got me into sports and loving my hometown and state. Even though the Cavs won the whole thing in 2016, it just made me yearn for the Jackets to win 4 games in a round. I didn’t know what winning felt like until today. I can finally say that after 20 years, I got to see my first ever series win. Happy for the rest of the Jackets fans on this board too, we deserve this
  12. These all look pretty solid, and I like how each team has its own unique styling. Also a big fan of the template as well, where did you get it?
  13. Yes, that is the one I am talking about. It’s basically a Detroit Tigers copy, but I think it’s too good not to use
  14. As a future transfer student, gotta say that’s a great look! I guess that my only issue is that the back of the jersey looks really plain. I would either fill in the yoke or and an NOB. I think adding the Bearkat head to the hip (across from the UA logo) would look pretty good too. I think it’s too good of a logo to not include somewhere. Is that the old Ottawa font or Columbus font?
  15. Thoughts on this part of the Southland: ACU -Make the whisker striping grey, so it looks like the logo -Maybe throw in another helmet option? -Overall reminds me of a TCU styles team, pretty good look UCA -Change the sleeve caps from being a K State look, maybe make it model the look of their iconic turf? -The arched script on the back of the helmet looks kinda bizarre, either make the script flat or make it contour with the helmet -Usage of the Pats font looks really good on this -Very clean and classy look HBU -Not the biggest fan of the negative husky logo, I think going back to the original may look the best -Have a second white helmet with the HBU stripe down the middle? I think that it’s a very unique and clean look -I enjoy that HBU is a blue and white team, with a hint of orange. I hope SHSU looks different from HBU
  16. Great looking work! Where did you get the updated adidas and UA templates?
  17. Could we get a captain’s band on this template as well? Small request, but would be cool for making teams more individualized
  18. All American Sports in General Allow for the streaming of all games, regardless of location within the United States (or Canada) The National Anthem must only be played on days in which there are American (or Canadian) holidays Allow for the gambling of all sports All video review must be made public, including communication between officials and league headquarters MLB Be definitive on the DH rule 8 teams make the playoffs per each league Put Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame Away jerseys can be any color other than white Certain teams can wear tinted white jerseys if they are the home team Put on a MiLB game on the MLB Network per week MLS Get rid of the Super Draft, it is silly for a draft to be in soccer Increase the salary cap to be somewhat closer to the other professional sports leagues Let the Canadian teams move to the Canadian Premier League to increase soccer hype in Canada Align the schedule to be compliant with the other CONCACAF leagues Let each team chose their jersey manufacturer Promotion/Relegation would be neat NBA Lower the salary cap to limit the creation of super teams Lessen the number of fouls in general; players should only receive a foul if their action presents a danger to the safety of another player Teams are allowed 3 jerseys: primary, clash, and third jersey Require all-draft eligible players to be upperclassmen in college or be age-equivalent NCAA All football conferences must have 10 teams Install an NFL style scheduling for OOC games Allow for all service academies, Notre Dame, and BYU to be independent Create a larger bracket for the College Football Playoffs Schools must have a winning record in order to be eligible for a non-playoff bowl game Move all FCS schools to create a new DII Move collegiate sprint football to the spring, and strongly recommend regular schools to create sprint football Current DII and DIII programs are moved to create a new NAIA Restructure March Madness to follow the new DII and NAIA NCAA Baseball players must use wooden bats Increase funding to allow for the creation of more legitimate DI hockey programs NFL Abolish the one helmet rule Change overtime rules to follow NCAA standards Move all games to be on Sunday and Monday, except for Thanksgiving between Detroit and Dallas No more ties Create a minor league for the development of college prospects Contracts must be more player friendly Let the All-Star game be played internationally NHL Either move to an international scoring system (3-2-1-0) or just move to wins and losses Abolish the trapezoid rule Teams on the penalty kill are not allowed to ice the puck Fighting in a game results in an ejection from the game Move back to the wooden stick to reduce spending for parents of prospective hockey players Allow for NHL players to participate in the Olympics, and give cap assistance to teams whose players get injured during the Olympics Give Arizona, Carolina, and Florida 5 more years to prove that they can get decent attendance and television viewing numbers before moving them to new markets Once Seattle becomes a team, create 8 divisions of 4 teams
  19. For those who were wondering, the Barry Sanders throwbacks looked amazing in real life (I was at the Student Section). Would love to see us roll out this look permanently, with the paisley pattern in the black piping on the jerseys, pants, and helmet logo outline.
  20. Appreciate it. Couldn’t post from Flickr. I would like to see that jersey with our modern touches (paisley in the black, more pistol Pete), but I much prefer this cattle brand logo over the more blocky one
  21. New Oklahoma State homecoming jersey
  22. I think that Cincinnati is super close to being a great look, just a few changes IMO: -Multiple helmet colors, only using white kinda limits the look -Colors should be colored a separate color, right now the jerseys look like one big blob with all the continuous color - Numbers really need to be outlined to have more pop to the jerseys
  23. I really am not a fan of the ClipArt Paw logo. I really think it looks off with regards to Penn State. Could we see a black and pink Penn State concept? As a throwback to their old looks. Also, could you recolor the NEC logo to be team specific? It doesn’t look good on the non-blue teams
  24. Miami looks really good, but I think a sublimated warning flag on the striping may make it even better. I also think the green football template looks a little off. May be better off using the orange and white jersey templates instead. Just my .02
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