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  1. This is brilliant. I'd get this to ECU asap. Excellent work
  2. I agree with Evil G. Don't get me wrong, I like this logo. However, I see this as more of a minor league baseball team rather than an NFL team logo.
  3. I would've expected ESPN to roll out similar graphics for the Women's Final Four. I guess they'll save that for the NBA Finals. Perhaps they'll debut similar graphics for today's MLB Opening Night coverage
  4. Now, this logo would constitute as a "missing logo"
  5. Very clean, very simple. I like this. This is definitely something the Yankees should consider adopting.
  6. I'm liking this series. For Chicago, I do like the of the ivy and the bricks. I do suggest adding some red to these kits. As for their crest, I personally feel like you could have incorporated the Wrigley Field sign; making it unique. That's just me though.
  7. I really like the Orange and Blue Condors logo. I especially like how the Oilers logo is hidden in that same Condors logo. I'd wonder how a uniform would look with that logo.
  8. These look great. As mentioned by many before me, these courts are spot on. I can't wait for the remaining courts. Also, for the Nets, this is the All-Star logo they're using. (via Instagram)
  9. I like what you did here. Everything looks clean. It would be nice to see other uniforms as well as making a similar look to other AFA sports.
  10. That's what I get for missing Staff meetings ;-) I was Thinking Pac 12 Championship, and typed College Championship instead! LOL! Even then. the Pac12 Championship is in December. Same with the "Foster Farms Bowl"
  11. They upgraded for the 2014 NCAA Tournament. It does look a bit plain but I like it. Baseball could use the upgrade though. Can't stand the wishbone C
  12. This was a great series to follow. Too bad we'd have to wait until February to see another field. Perhaps in the meantime, you could do an NFL International Series Field Database. Just an idea.
  13. I noticed this watching a friendly match between Mexico and Israel. Is there any particular reason why that upper left hand corner looks the way it does?