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  1. I'm with Avi on this one. In my opinion on some jerseys when you go with the full collar coloured the one colour, it seems to throw off the balance. Based off how they actually look on the ice, I think the Blackhawks have way too much white, same with the Senators new collars. To each their own I guess haha
  2. It looks really nice, but it is probably too tall. When you go to put that on a jersey, you will probably have to shrink it down so that it fits right. For the most part, logos fit in a square shape, which gives the logo a lot more balance. Hope that helps.
  3. Just wanted to point out that the Speedy hockey template on the site, which I am fine with him having the credit since he created the original designs, but I had adapted the template to have a wider body and wider arms, along with adding the two new stadium series templates and six new collar styles
  4. James Duthie just joked on the TSN Quiz that the Leafs should change their logo to have Stamkos' face on it, to try and persuade him to come to Toronto haha.
  5. Hey, if you dont mind me asking, where did you get the template for the hockey pants? Great work on the concept!
  6. I have followed these forums for quite some time, but I am only now posting my first concept on here. I usually only make hockey concepts, but with the release of the new Toronto Raptors logo I figured I would try to put together a new uniform set that the team could use next year. First of all, I made a couples updates to the recently unveiled logo. For the logo i first thickened up the lines on the basketball a bit, and then changed the font to the font the Raptors used for their WE THE NORTH slogan. Now onto the jerseys. I tried to give them a new look while tying in with the team's past. For the third jersey I swapped all red from the black jersey and changed it to gold. The black and gold uniform would most likely be used on Drake night.
  7. Belarus is very cool. I would maybe suggest cutting the design off at the end of the arms so that it doesn't just end abruptly.