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  1. How about this one from my old high school, T.C. Williams. Our nickname is the Titans.
  2. What if the Expos had moved to Norfolk? What if the Astros had moved to Northern Virginia (Alexandria, Arlington, Loudon)?
  3. Hmm. I had a dream last night this updated, and there was another team in New York, called the Battleaxes. I don't know what I was thinking.
  4. Padres are great. I always wanted them to return to that color scheme.
  5. Could we please see the years? I would like to see how long the wolf lasted. By the way, awesome thread.
  6. Thanks! It's great! I'll add it into my signature.
  7. This is an awesome thread! I've always wanted something like this.
  8. Cool! Can you try mine?
  9. I actually like the kelly green. I think it looks interesting.
  10. All right, forget it then. Maybe I'll try this once I have a better program.
  11. It looks great. I love the 2007-2008 concept with Sparky the Seal!
  12. Here are the California Angels: Up Next: Chicago White Stockings and Cleveland Blues!
  13. Here is Anaheim: I'm working on California. It should be up soon.
  14. Alright, I fixed it again. I think I know what's wrong with it, and I'll try to avoid it later. Up next: Anaheim Angels and California Angels.
  15. What is Happening!?! I'll fix these.
  16. This is really awesome. Do you think you could do this for any other teams? I'd like to see the panthers.
  17. Really excited to see what happens in the 1980s-1990s. I wonder if Disney will buy the Padres like they bought the Angels?
  18. I made two topics somehow. Here is the link to the topic:
  19. I was thinking about doing a modernization of retired teams of the MLB. Here are the Boston Americans: And here are the Classic Baltimore Orioles: Feedback please!