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  1. Diamondbacks. The red is perfect. Rockies. Love the mountain with the number. Angels. #1 All red is incredible. Braves. You need the A and the tomahawk = Brilliant. Pirates. #2. Rays. baby blue is probably the only option. Orioles. Needs work.Marlins. Its a tough one. The existing baseball design is brutal. Good luck with that one.Dodgers. #1 Classic blue with LA is best.Blue Jays. #1 white version is perfect!Royals. I like the baby blue. Possibly Royals in Script?Senators. #6 is solid. Phillies. I like the red, not sure if the bell is working well. Possibly a different color?Yankees. Go classic blue with NY with grey face maskRed Sox. Remove the "B" and just have the sox.Tigers. The last one is amazing. Love the tiger in the D logo. Cant wait for the entire league!
  2. this is a great thread. Keep up the good work. Would love to see your take on the Cardinals. Again, really well done.
  3. wow! another Loper on the thread. my father created that version of Louie. His name was Bill Dunn and passed away early this year. Love the fact that there is still a recognition for the cartoon Louie. Will search for a good file and upload it here.
  4. Ren, so glad to see you started this thread. You continue to do great work. One note on the bear above. The bottom jaw seems a bit small or light in comparison to the rest of the bear head. A very small note but i think if you made the jaw a little stronger it would make the bear seem more ferocious. Well done sir and continue the great work! i look forward to more. I... I don't even know where to begin. This is absolutely stunning. Thank you very much, good sir. I really appreciate it! Agreed. a great name that demands a great logo. and you did it.
  5. Amazing! Never saw that logo look so good. There needs to be more things like this out in the world. So good and full of story and character. Unique. Nothing like the cookie cutter triangle logo designs that are so common in todays sports logo space. Very good update!
  6. there is so much good happening in this, that i don't even know where to start. REN!!!!????!!!!
  7. Ha! it would be a strong thread. I like the side profile better. Its more unique.
  8. Definitely a redesign and definitely a huge improvement. Really appreciate the secondary logo with the "W" and the wolf in front. This needs to be their logo!
  9. this is really good. Nice update! Really like the grey version. The yellow tongue throws me a bit but the overall line quality is a great modernization.
  10. this is really good. Have you contacted Reedley? The Tiger mascot is almost impossible to breathe new life into. It is so common and has been done so many different ways. This seems new, which is very difficult to do.
  11. REN, you're intentions were executed very well. The direct tie to the existing design is obvious, but it has been upgraded in both line quality and concept. The addition of the water ripples and the modernized lines and shapes takes it to a new and better place. It gets into a grey area when we are talking updating versus redesigning, but whatever you want to call it, keep doing it because its really good and fun to look at.
  12. the Delgado design is not an update, it's a redesign. And an outstanding one at that! Really, that school and baseball program would be very fortunate to have a mark like that to represent them. Continue the great work, REN! This actually brings up an interesting aspect of this thread, when does an update turn into a redesign? How far does it have to go? REN, you continue to keep things fun and interesting!