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  1. Not to be harsh, but it's all a bit busy.
  2. In my opinion, These timberwolves uni's are the greatest ever!!! Unbelievable job!!!!!!!!! The one thing though, is I am begging you to put back the socks you started with! Over all, Fantastic job!!! -messi
  3. Pretty sweet. Nice and simple!
  4. Gosh these are unbelievable!!!!!! They have a very fresh look to them!!!
  5. I agree the cursive looks a little plain and old fashion but nice work.
  6. I actually think that new symbol looks great. The colors really work!!!
  7. The gray outline is fresher than the 1969 logo but it's pretty much bringing that back.
  8. This is really amazing!!! Mexico looks just a little bit goofy with that on the front side. Also on Germany, a white stripe on the black uniform to the left of the red stripe might be nice! GREAT WORK!!!
  9. Perfect but I'd say the back panel is just a little bit awkward... good job though!!!