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  1. that was some pretty freaking sloppy football. the thing i'm seeing on twitter and other places is that a lot of people are being pretty forgiving of the lack of quality. i guess that's what happens when you don't try to sell yourself as something you're not.
  2. i don't think the orlando number is "great" but it was raining so it could've been worse.
  3. i know the spring season brings new life but this is ridiculous.
  4. apparently some teams are going for a logo and number combo on the helmets
  5. aaf has released information on how the qb draft is gonna work. link:
  6. i'm a little skeptical as well, but the number is not supposed to represent the year. other pics revealed that it is a garrett grayson jersey.
  7. someone posted this on reddit. probably gonna have to change the title of the thread soon.