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  1. As a guy who lives in Evansville, I'm sure we're just glad to be here. I did swear allegiance to Louisville but I think that might have to change
  2. I'm glad that you're starting small with this. Take your time with narratives and don't get too far ahead of yourself that you get so bogged down. As a native of the Ohio River area, I'm looking forward to the USBL and how these two leagues are going to compete in the coming decades
  3. Been waiting for someone to do a quality historic baseball league for a bit. Excited to see the teams
  4. Expand to where you want. You don't need to do a vote. But since you're asking: 1. Milwaukee 2. Washington 3. Cincinnati 4. Hartford
  5. Please just don't expand too fast. Some of these other concepts get watered down by expanding too quickly that they can't maintain the workload of having multiple teams so fast.
  6. You ever though about doing sort of a final season standings graphic to put out? Never been a big fan of people just typing out results
  7. Sad to see the USFA go but I understand the workload on you. Creating quality plots and storylines for the AFA is more important than having MORE football to simulate and write-up
  8. Hopefully a Plant City win over the Azules would be extra nice
  9. You would be correct. I interned for a Valley school back during that time and had some people mentoring me close to the situation. Omaha, Milwaukee, Murray State, Valpo, hell even Grand Canyon were potential candidates
  10. For those of you who make custom pocket pros printing your own decals: what are the dimensions you use that seem to have a universal fit on the helmet? So far I've been practicing printing on a regular sheet of paper to see if that works. Literally have everything else but the correct sizing. Any help is appreciated! My PMs are always open to talk pocket pros as well!
  11. My guess is that the USFA will collapse and a few teams will bid to enter the AFA with the expansion council getting to vote on who gets in
  12. Always enjoyed the look of Tampa Bay. You have any plans on doing a minor league concepts for the MLF?
  13. What's taking you long on them? I use waterslide decals and it's pretty quick when I have a steady hand that day