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  1. First thing: It looks great for social use. Easy to use and I can see that. Second (and something that really bothers me): This is not called an edit.
  2. I don't see what's wrong with Kraken(s). Helluva marketing opportunity there but I guess it's not the consensus. I believe a Portland arena team tried years ago to name themselves something like Stomp or Sasquatch and didn't turn out so well.
  3. B would be first, A second for me
  4. Hey man I've been browsing and enjoying this thread thoroughly. Don't sweat the school stuff, I was in the same-ish situation with the first school I attended: lost my athletic scholarship, passed one class during a semester and had to leave. You'll find where you belong and turn it around when you're supposed to, there's no rush to these things. You will find a spot where it'll be a million times better for yourself, I know I did. It may suck now but you have a lot of good days ahead. That being said, I have been a secret fan of the AAC and UCONN for a while and I really enjoy this football and hockey combo. The helmet stripe works really well here and I think you did a fantastic job. Looking forward to more.
  5. I'm not a fan of promotion and relegation but you could throw Conference USA in that list as well. Maybe even switch the AAC and CUSA to ACC and Big XII
  6. Really like the Denver set. I agree with Bella about the Green Bay numbers, from a broadcasting/PA/calling/SID perspective they'd be a nightmare. Perhaps in the future there could be an all crimson alternate?
  7. Could you do an outline of the last two dogs much like what Hanover College did here?
  8. For those of you that run your own solitaire college athletic leagues: what are some go-to conference names that you've been able to come up with? I do mainly fictional college sports and have difficulty coming up with conference names as of late other than the obvious (i.e. Big North, Pacific Coast)
  9. You would be correct. I interned for a Valley school back during that time and had some people mentoring me close to the situation. Omaha, Milwaukee, Murray State, Valpo, hell even Grand Canyon were potential candidates
  10. For those of you who make custom pocket pros printing your own decals: what are the dimensions you use that seem to have a universal fit on the helmet? So far I've been practicing printing on a regular sheet of paper to see if that works. Literally have everything else but the correct sizing. Any help is appreciated! My PMs are always open to talk pocket pros as well!
  11. Always enjoyed the look of Tampa Bay. You have any plans on doing a minor league concepts for the MLF?
  12. What's taking you long on them? I use waterslide decals and it's pretty quick when I have a steady hand that day
  13. Little late but I have a few in mind. I always find naming a Michigan or Detroit team tough. Grease Monkeys, Sentinels, Wolves, Stags, and Predators come to mind but if you were planning on sticking with your choices then I'll vote for Sparks or Sparkplugs (name of a high school team here in Indiana).
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