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  1. TThe Hornets are announcing the name and logo of their Greensboro D-League team on Tuesday, maybe you could do a concept for them after that?
  2. if you are taking requests, could you do any or multiple of these?: Cam Newton Josh Norman Luke Kuechly Thomas Davis Kawann Short Kemba Walker Al Jefferson Frank Kaminsky Jeremy Lamb Justin Faulk Noah Hanifin Nathan Gerbe Jeff Skinner
  3. Carolina Hurricanes - 2006 Stanley Cup Champions Carolina Panthers - 2013 NFC South Champions Carolina Panthers - 2014 NFC South Champions North Carolina Tar Heels - 2015 ACC Tournament Runner-Up
  4. https://img.washingtonpost.com/rf/image_908w/2010-2019/Wires/Images/2014-12-10/AP/Celtics_Hornets_Basketball-00e08.jpg
  5. I think charlotte could definitely support the team, however there would definitely be some obstacles. I highly doubt the city funds another new stadium, and, no, the existing one cannot be turned into an MLB park. Also, the city has a 20-year contract with the team to play in the stadium. It could happen, I suppose, if someone financed their own stadium, as then both the city and the Knights would want out of that contract. But then there would be an abandoned 5-year old, state-of-the-art facility just rotting in uptown Charlotte.
  6. could you do fozzy whittaker for ps4?
  7. if you're doing requests i'd like to throw out the names Michael kidd-gilchrist and luke kuechly
  8. Thanks! The first thing that came to mind was incorporating the bull horns around the neckline/collar area, but I'm struggling to think of a half-decent way to execute it. That's all I've got right now, though. I've been posting these concepts on Instagram (@icniivad) to try and get some of my work out there more, and with a lot of unveilings coinciding with certain hashtags and trending topics, I've decided to put together a few concepts for tomorrow's unveilings to hopefully take advantage of the power of social media. The Charlotte Hornets will unveil what is believed to be a city pride alternate, so I've used my previous design to create a purple 'BUZZ CITY' alternate uniform. Charlotte Hornets Alternate Uniform Also, the Los Angeles Clippers will be unveiling their new uniforms tomorrow as well. I've struggled with this concept especially given the tight window within which I was working, but given the leaks we've seen from their re-branding effort I'm more than comfortable sharing this concept and hopefully gaining some useful feedback and suggestions! I've moved them to San Diego to avoid the redundancy of Los Angeles-based teams, and with that they've returned to their powder blue and orange color palette. The marine signal flags on the shorts spell out S.D.C. San Diego Clippers Home Uniform San Diego Clippers Away Uniform I wanted to get to the Philadelphia 76ers in time for their uniform unveiling tomorrow, but unfortunately the Clippers took all of my work time this evening. They're on the way, though. Thanks for looking! As a Hornets fan, I wanted to say a couple of things about the Hornets jersey. It's very good, just a couple of small things. One, I don't think that you should have two consecutive teal stripes, I'm not sure why, but I just don't think its looks in place. Also, these are more just practical things, and I'm not sure how realistic you were trying to make the jersey to what they might unveil, but the nba logo would be on the back, jordan brand wouldn't be doing the jersey, and it has already been announced that it will be sleeved. Other than these things, it looks very good.
  9. I would say hornets, but they have never won a division title, so ill say hurricanes please
  10. Carolina panthers black, charlotte hornets purple, Carolina hurricanes red please
  11. red and blue has tradition with the 6ers, I would use the alt as the road and make a home version of it.
  12. Go Red Sox!, what do you mean it looks better than what the Bobcats currently have? There is no bobcats anymore.
  13. you might not like them as an aints fan, but I would love to see what the panthers would look like