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  1. Currently making an Irish Basketball League concept. The team I'm currently working on in Waterford Vikings would love some feedback on the current logo set.
  2. Southampton Home; This is one of my favorites. Taking the strong idea of the stripes from the kit. I widened the black and cleaned up the whole affair.Away; The original had a horrible pattern. I've modernised the pattern and cleaned it up.
  3. I'm enjoying looking at the original kits from the premier league. So I had a thought to do new kits inspired by those original kits. I've done arsenal and if you enjoy them I'll do more. Arsenal FC Home; Loved this kit to be honest. The red kit has a striped fade that was similar to that on the kit and the sleeves feature the pattern seen on the original. Away; Simple this turned the pattern into a darker yellow instead of navy blue. Its still a terrible look but its much improved in my opinion.
  4. Edit; Closer images now added. Sorry. So the Republic of Ireland are moving to new balance this summer so here are my new kits for them. They feature Celtic knots in various ways. Home - Traditional emerald kit that fades darker then revealing the Celtic knots. Touches of orange make it stand out as a ROI kit. The shorts are simple and the socks feature the same fade as the top. Away - Using the classic white with a green knot coming down the front on the crest side. The collar features the Irish flag. The classic feeling continues with solid green shorts and solid white socks. Tell me what you think.
  5. Galway United (away) Here is my take on away kit for Galway United. So first a bit of background, Galway United are a club from the west of Ireland that are in the top division of Irish football. Their kits in recent years have been brilliant. Their Current home kit is biased on the famous boat from the county. http://galwayunitedfc.ie/2017-home-jersey-revealed/ Teams from the county are known as the Tribesmen or women. This is due to the 8 tribes that were prevalent in the county. This brings me to my kit. Its a simple white jersey with a colourful trim. That trim is made up of the colours of those tribes. On the inside of the collar is teams tag 'its tribal thing'. Would love some C&C.
  6. Here is my latest project for the new team planned for Tasmania Australia. Crest The shape of the crest mimics the shape of the island of Tasmania. The logo itself is a simple TU initials. I used the gradient to pronounce the difference in letters Kits Using Dark blue as the main home colours as their are already two Sky Blue teams in the league. The Pattern is the TU of the crest repeated.
  7. chipper12

    Real Madrid

    Real Madrid Designed a set of kits for Real Madrid with a motif a designed. The home kit has it subtly in the weave and the away uses a fade in which you can see the design at the bottom. Hope you guys like it.
  8. Its at a new site just on the edge of Galway city. The current stadiums at a dog track so would have to move too expand. Yes the pitch in below ground level to make the building less imposing on the landscape.
  9. Connacht Rugby Stadium The current stadium for Connacht is very small for what is need so I thought I'd design a new stadium for them. Also a new stadium would be needed in Ireland was to get the World Cup. The Stadium in 20,700 seat with room to expand. The seats are split over two levels with the lower tier being full and the top three quarters with room to fill if more seating is needed.
  10. Las Vegas So with the team moving I thought it would be good to clean up the raiders head and some gold. Thoughts ?
  11. Next up Chicago Fire Home - The franchise is 20 years old in 2017 so the home kit is a modern rendition of the original kit with a sublimated hoop round the centre of the kit. Away - The away kit uses the class flag of the city. The crest is recoloured and Adidas details are merged out to add to the simplicity of the kit. C&C please Thanks
  12. So last year I did a 2016 series of MLS kits. So I'm back with the 2017 template. City seals (or state) are in top of collars and have no real them some will have city pride etc. Atlanta United FC Home - Simple with a bit of detail within the stripe. Away - Again kept simple and classy with thin pinstripes. C&C much appreciated.
  13. Instagram Home - Using the rainbow from the logo as a stripe and detail. Away - Throwback in brown with the rainbow detail.
  14. So a vague series of soccer kits coming your way. First up Facebook. Home - Facebook F pattern that has a gradient with the Facebook Blue. Away - Simple with elongated F Both kits use the F as the crest, like logo as the Jock tag and the reaction bar is found on the collar. What we think ? C&C would be lovely.
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