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  1. Very tough decision. There were many great choices. One of the primary things that I took points off for was if there was a NOB. NOB didn't appear on NHL jerseys until the 1968-69 All-Star Game. NHL teams didn't have NOB until the 1970-71 season (Penguins & Rangers). Phenomenal entries by all though!! Gold - 15 Silver - 10 Bronze - 6
  2. Gold - 10 Silver - 15 Bronze - 35 All great entries. Great job all!!
  3. Your idea isn't bad, but I think you tried to do too much with it. It's very tough trying to add life to a statue - especially a famous one like the Wall Street Bull. I think had you simply rendered your bull in red with bolder lines, you would have been more successful with it. Thank you for your feedback. I'll take that into account next time.
  4. California Mighty Shark Kings NY/NJ Island Derangers You can put Buffalo & Toronto together.. they're fairly close to eachother You can also do Montreal and Ottawa together, as they are fairly close also. If you run out of ideas maybe add some AHL, ECHL, CHL teams in the mix along with the WHA. It can become very crazy
  5. Could I get some feedback on the Red Bulls alternate I made #20. I realized it wasn't much of an alternate in hindsight, but after reading about the context of the logo, I would like to explain it. The logo consisted of the Wall Street Charging Bull, an old MetroStars shield recolored, and a red bull can pattern. Thanks all.
  6. Thank you. After I submitted it I had come up with another idea to spruce up the striping, but it was too late. I need to think a little bit more out of the box to separate my concepts from the rest (in a good way of course). I'm still trying to get my feet wet by dabbling with different elements. I just need to be more open to doing something wild.
  7. Very tough decision to make, all of these are very good. Gold; 11 Silver: 1 Bronze: 10
  8. Just like in hockey, the dark unis will be home, and the whites will be away...... I've never understood why baseball uses grey variations to differentiate between Home and Away. Grey against white hardly provides a lot of contrast. I think it had something to do with grey hiding dirt better. It was harder for teams way back then to clean their uniforms on the road so they wore grey instead of white. You're right. During long roadtrips, the grey jerseys would somewhat 'hide' the accumulated dirt. When they got home they would wash them. I'm sure they smelled awful.
  9. Can we use throwback logos/colors on our uniforms, or strictly current design?
  10. Definitely #2. Have you thought about putting the silver outline on 3 & 4?
  11. I really like the concept of the logo, the one thing that irks me is the eyes. The brows/cracks (not sure) make him look more surprised than intimidating. I'm not sure the best way to fix that, but overall, the concept looks great. I can't wait to see a finished product
  12. It's funny you mentioned that, the Raiders were originally going to be called the Oakland SeƱors when they were first brought into the AFL, but they decided to change the name due to allegations that the owner fixed the 'name the team' contest.