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  1. Would make a whole lotta sense if the colors were orange and black on the logo...
  2. They both blow, in my opinion. The old one screams early 1990s and the new one is just trying too hard. And neither of them give me a clue as to what the hell Belk is.
  3. I should've been more clear. The flaws of Lucas Oil are shared by most buildings made nowadays--made to look like brick structures when they're not. The main idea of the stadium is to evoke an early twentieth-century factory like the ones you find around Indianapolis and the midwest in general, and while I think that idea could work, it ended up looking like a Camden Yards knockoff and didn't attempt to get away from its basic barn wireframe. The football side of this argument is that while the RCA Dome was a barren relic of the "Dome-rush" era (thanks, Houston), Lucas Oil can't give the Colts the same kind of home-field crowd it once had. Anyone trying to build a stadium now needs to take crowd noise (acoustics) into top consideration when designing these things. Ask anyone who has been to Arrowhead Stadium or the Metro Dome: it's loud in there.
  4. I am in my third of year of architecture school right now. That doesn't give me much more credibility than anyone on this board, but I have been looking at and experiencing a lot of architecture in my time here. The photos on the site aren't great at communicating exactly what's going on, especially in the second design. While that plan is obviously very ambitious and exciting, I want to know what's happening INSIDE the stadium. If that roof structure creates diagonal shadows on the field, it's going to be a disaster. While versatility is key, this venue has to make sense in regards to hosting an NFL game. The third design (HNTB) is Lucas Oil Stadium but without the material flaws. The glass is a plus but on the interior view it looks like they enclosed a Pac 10 college stadium in fancy glass and curtain walls. The first design, based on these photos, seems to make the most sense. There is an emphasis on versatility and relates well to the adjacent Staples Center. The roof system, as illustrated, leaves some ambiguity but once again they're not showing us the full presentations. Something tells me there were better proposals out there that weren't selected.
  5. I get that, but they're wearing their 2007- Under Armour jerseys and pants. It's like the Philadelphia Eagles wearing their midnight greens jerseys with throwback Kelly green helmets.
  6. I'm sorry if these have already been talked about, I looked at the last few pages of the thread and didn't see anything. But uh, wow. I'm not opposed to the white helmets, but why the F is there a fat black/red/black stripe down the middle.
  7. Yeah, I mean the more I look at it, it seems more like somebody's photoshop project because of what you said, the fonts. I think that the NFL, at least lately, has tried to draw more attention to the roman numerals themselves, whereas the 'XLV' in this photo is not prominent in the logo.
  8. This is from Wikipedia's Super Bowl XLV page, so I know it's not at all reliable, but I'm having a hard time confirming or denying that this is the logo for next year at Cowboys Stadium.
  9. I was watching this video on the excellent Texas Tech sports blog Double T Nation, it just shows practice footage from the first week of camp. But what keeps distracting me are these new practice uniforms. Here are the old practice uniforms for comparison: ...which are simplified versions of their game uniforms from last year. But if you look at the footage , you'll see block numbers on the jerseys and the backs of the helmets, crazy white piping, and their shorts seem to match with a new "scheme." Does anyone know if there is a change being made to the game uniforms?
  10. I don't think the 'Stros will be changing color schemes anytime soon. The fans love it, before Arizona came along after they ditched the purple, this was such a unique scheme to baseball. Whether it fits with the name 'Astros' or not, their identity screams 'Houston' and that's enough for the players and fans. I would be a little disappointed if Houston went and changed colors, but I guess I am of the dissenting opinion on this topic.
  11. I agree with you, I just got out of high school, and yeah we all hated loose sleeves. It's a comfort thing, that's why I don't like this debate that gets kicked up every time we talk about sleeves. If that's what the players want, then so be it. I understand this might be the wrong place to say this but aesthetics are just aesthetics after all.
  12. Man, I love these works of art man. I usually don't request anything because the guy making the sigs always seems overloaded with requests, but no one else on this board ever requests a Texas Tech sig, so if you get time, one of your flag sigs with a big ol' Double T on it would be fantastic!
  13. It's not trying to trick you by being an optical illusion. It's just a good way of fitting three stripes on today's jersey. This feature is going to grow on people, not everybody, but it will. I'm sorry but that's just complete and total BS. How in the world would the width of a pants stripe be restrictive? Thats like saying a team is more aerodynamic this season than last because their helmet stripe is thinner. Read anything about the throwback uniforms the Niners had been wearing twice a year for the past couple years. Obviously, the pant stripe is a different, heavier material than the pant itself, and the ridiculously wide red-white-red stripe was causing mobility problems. They fixed that by making the stripes thinner on the new uniform. How is that BS?
  14. I don't see what the big deal is, LandShark is a pretty good beer, and this is just a smart marketing move. I mean, am I the only one that things this whole thing is just "cool"? Jimmy Buffett, Beer, and Pro Football...where can that go wrong?
  15. God, I'm just excited that I can play with New England in white jerseys/silver pants for once.
  16. This could be off topic, but my high school's been around since 2000 and as far as I know we have an original logo, but I've always been curious. Has any one seen a logo like this? (it's for Harker Heights High School in Harker Heights, Texas):
  17. That's hilarious, I don't know if anyone else here watches Eastbound & Down, but there's this big running joke about Kenny Powers trying to auction off all of the "priceless heirlooms from my reign as king of the ballfield." Looks like these rings are gonna sell pretty high though.
  18. I like your Nationals set, I agree with your decision to stick with one logo. The one thing I would change is to carry over the bevel effect on the numbers on the red home alternate to the rest of the set. I think that alone would set the Nats apart from the rest of the sea of blue-red, red-blue teams in MLB.
  19. It's CBS's turn to air the Super Bowl this year and it is an appropriate time to make an update of their on-screen graphics. I hope to distinguish them from other networks with simplicity and subtlety, using graphics that are attractive and make sense while enhancing the sports broadcast experience. So far I have begun to work out a concept for football telecasts. It is a work in progress, but I hope to show my ideas before I get too in depth here. The first version you see here is before the snap, with the down & distance showing. The second is after the snap, the down & distance tab "retreats" back and we are given less interference. Also, I included an out-of-town update bar(that would show every half hour) that is HD-friendly. Let me know what you guys think and what you would like to see done.
  20. that's the early stages of Madden 10, they will be fixed in time for Maddenoliday 8-14-09 Yeah, that's just an EA goof. They don't have the facemask color right either, and that face looks nothing like Crabtree's. I trust that the stripes will look "right" on the field on Sundays.
  21. I think these stripes are going to grow on people a whole lot, and you will see a team or two copycat what the Niners did in the next few years. Just a really cool feature about this update. Since people are throwing grades around like they're Mel Kiper Jr. or something, and saying this update gets a D because of the facemask color, I'm giving it an A+. The 49ers organization and most of the fanbase can't find anything to not like about the new uniform.
  22. Badass uniforms, Michael is a great day to be a San Francisco 49er fan.
  23. Would have liked the red facemask to stay, but the new uniform is PERFECT.