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  1. Idk how anyone would look at that and think it’s a Patriots logo
  2. I suppose a more accurate comparison would be the Patriots-Roughnecks debacle of the NFL’s ridiculous claim that the latter is “too close” to New England’s.
  3. If this can happen- so can the whole thing with multiple front facing ram logos
  4. Once Tampa Bay unveiled their fauxback uniforms in 2014, it always made me think that the Rays should've centered their identity around Sun Rays and instead of Devil Rays C&C appreciated as always
  5. Honestly, I hope it becomes a regular alternate. That triangle logo is neat.
  6. The other day I learned that the Athletics move from Kansas City to Oakland was more or less the main reason why the Braves and Reds joined the NL West in 1969 Also, Portland or bust this time around
  7. All this is is a glorified cream color jersey. Which is completely fine. There’s been worse.
  8. Was listening to the SF-WAS game on TV as background noise when Victor Robles over slid 2nd base then got caught in a run down and these clown FOX announcers acted like it was some irredeemable sin against the game of baseball.
  9. Jalen Ramsey has made the switch to 5
  10. Larson has had some crappy, super generic paint schemes this year, but this is by far the best one
  11. Supposedly the actor who played Billy was bullied and harassed beyond belief from crew members for being gay. At one point he walked off the show because of it and was hesitant to come back for Zeo. They probably didn’t care to make anything of the character because of that.
  12. For comparison, a Calgary Stampeders player was killed in 2016. The team, players, and fans mourned the loss... his number (31) was distributed to some new player the following season and continues to be in circulation. Taylor was a phenomenal player for Washington, but to say he was one of the greatest to ever put on a burgundy & gold uniform for the 4 seasons he was there is a bit of a stretch.
  13. I see your Blind Pig and raise you a Black Hog
  14. I’d say the Haskins situation was a bit “easier” (for lack of a better term). Yes, 7 is one of Washington’s “untouchable” numbers, but it’s certainly not retired like Moon’s 1. Honestly, I’d be interested to know how Theismann felt after this past year.
  15. Brown more than likely had a backup plan to the backup plan. If Moon denied his request, I’d be willing to bet Brown would’ve just said “aw shucks” and picked a different number. A bit of a stretch to call him “immature” or a “jabroni” for simply wanting a certain number.
  16. Here’s a simple fix- Don’t retire numbers.
  17. There at least needs to be a “program” put in place that allows teams to assign retired/unused numbers as “legacy numbers” (with former player’s consent, of course) that can only only be distributed to the position group of said former players. Example, Warren Moon’s 1 can only be given to a QB on Tennessee’s roster. Never WRs, TEs, RBs, LBs, or DBs. I also think it would help if the former player (or family of) could have the honor of handpicking his successor.
  18. Julio Jones will wear 2 in Tennessee
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