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  1. Speaking of Kyle Busch... Chase Elliott got his revenge. Held off Busch in the last 20 laps to win the truck race tonight. To put a cherry on top, he did this-
  2. Kyle Busch being the only Cup Series driver to race in the Xfinity Series races is pretty annoying. Is there a reason he can’t let someone else drive the 54 car? At this point, it seems pretty selfish considering no other Cup Series regulars are currently racing in Xfinity races.
  3. Good use of the Rams head in media amongst other team logos-
  4. I can’t say I didn’t walk into that one
  5. I eat Froot Loops all the time. Now I’ll just have to eat them in disgust. The Froot Loops themselves will still be good, but I’ll hate every minute of it with that acid trip bird staring at me the whole time.
  6. I find myself liking the gray uniforms more than the white uniforms. I’m not sure if the Rams opting for a non-white uniform is a precursor to anything, but I think this could lead to some teams choosing to forgo white uniforms for cream/off-white, light gray, or “bone” uniforms. Arguably most would be for the better.
  7. I don’t think I’ve ever looked at a #1 jersey and said “that looks like a stripe”.
  8. I’m not sure if I should like these or find a way to send them straight to hell:
  9. There’s a fine line between cocky & humble
  10. If you drive a Rolls Royce, that’s fine whatever, but if you drive a Rolls Royce and are a cocky a**hole about it, then yeah it becomes a problem. 99% of the time Cam Newton seems to view himself as a God sent gift to the world and he’s untouchable. Him wearing #1 bolsters that.
  11. Heavy filter, but boy do those pants look nice- For reference, the Redskins actual gold pants have a thinner stripe.
  12. You’ve made it to Daily Snark https://dailysnark.com/designer-rebrands-every-nfl-team-complete-with-new-logo-uniform-designs/
  13. I think the Dolphins could revert to the basic design of the throwbacks (mainly colors and striping), but adopt a more custom number font that doesn’t stray too far away like the current font as well as a happy medium between the old logo and the new one.
  14. Probably could’ve been put in this thread;
  15. Second that. It would be a different story if they were the Grand Wizards or the White Wizards. The vast majority of people probably think of the magical wizard when seeing the team name. In reference to the team using “Capital”, I actually like that more than “Washington”, but it seems like the team did it right with their G-League team “Capital City Go-Go”
  16. I do really like the oversized numbers, but it’s a thing of the past and Nike is doing a good job of handling their own.
  17. Legitimate question- Is it really a big deal it was posted? I would’ve put it in the 2020 College Football thread over in “Sports in General” but didn’t see the thread. Or at least couldn’t find it. I thought this was a better option anyway.
  18. The new Chargers set does a good job at making powder blue the team’s primary color, but the inclusion of the royal and navy alternates are a fantastic touch as they acknowledge the use of the two colors in previous iterations. It also helps they cannot be utilized anywhere else in the set.
  19. Yes. Also the fact that it’s still a uniform change for the 2020 season.
  20. Tua’s brother is gonna look good
  21. So uhh, how about those two geniuses DeAndre Baker (Giants) & Quinton Dunbar (Seahawks)? Got into an argument with someone at a house party, whipped out a gun, and proceeded to rob everyone there. Getting away with $7k in cash, along with $43k in other valuables. There’s also reports a third man was involved and that the whole thing was premeditated as getaway vehicles were seen pre positioned for “immediate departure” along the street. The whole situation is funny to me honestly. Especially because of Dunbar. Shortly after Ron Rivera was hired as the coach of the Redskins, Dunbar (then a member of Washington) was quoted as saying the team “doesn’t know” him. Well bud, I guess the Seahawks don’t either.
  22. Apparently if the NFL plays its season without fans, the significant & dramatic loss of income could force the salary cap to drop anywhere from $30-80M.