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  1. The Eagles have fantastic uniforms. It really is a shame they get overshadowed by the “nEEds tO bE keLLy gReeN” sentiment that gets shoved down our throats. The midnight green they currently use is beautiful in every way. Yes, the newer matte midnight green. Not the shiny (yet somehow dull) midnight green from years prior. However, one thing needs to change. They, much like the Ravens, suffer from a sub-par number font that is in desperate need of a facelift.
  2. We know it can’t be the all-pewter (which honestly, I’d be okay with, but that’s for a different discussion). So, the possible combinations are- • Red/White • Red/Pewter • White/White • White/Pewter Am I missing any?
  3. I got those a lot in middle school
  4. I really hope every team passes on the opportunity to trade for Aaron Rodgers. He deserves to stay in Green Bay and rot in his own personal hell that he single handedly created himself.
  5. A couple things- • This still doesn’t fix the Angelos family having the “it’s a privilege to watch Orioles games” mentality they have against streaming services • The biggest problem is the Orioles and Nationals fans who don’t have Xfinity(Comcast), Verizon FiOS, DirecTV, or Dish likely not being able to access the games/content aka those of us who have SlingTV among others • The only way to fix the issue of non-cable/non-satellite users not being able to watch games would be offering a standalone annual subscription fee
  6. Kinda surprised we’ve made it this far without any mention of Oregon
  7. They’ll likely never get the opportunity to use those colors, but my favorite concept I’ve seen of those colors being used is this one-
  8. Should be the basis for a new set of uniforms
  9. Here lies Robert Saleh, New York Jets Head Coach 2021-23. Died of locker room cancer.
  10. The socks used with the white jersey and the socks used with the blue jersey are exactly the same. I’m not quite sure what difference you’re seeing. EDIT: nevermind I see what you’re saying with the above post. Are there any other instances of this? Were those photos from different years?
  11. I fully envision the KC-TB super bowl to be like the Anakin vs Obi Wan fight in Revenge of the Sith
  12. The fact that the Chiefs were able to start coasting to this win with ~12 minutes left in the 4th quarter is nauseating. Are they really that good or did Buffalo just start to give up? This game should be Cleveland-Buffalo and we all secretly know this.
  13. I’m more concerned about the Chiefs. I just noticed there’s some players wearing the standard red socks while others seem to be wearing their standard white socks.
  14. The Chiefs are becoming the new Patriots, aren’t they?
  15. I suppose this falls into the CBS Brand Refresh- CBS All Access is getting rebranded as Paramount+
  16. Aaron Rodgers continuation of passive aggressively criticizing his coaches makes the whole situation that much more funnier.
  17. At least three teams (off the top of my head) have completely unnecessary jersey patches Here’s to hoping at least one of them drop it relatively soon.
  18. They also conveniently managed to miss a lot of other holdings too. Against Tampa Bay and Green Bay. This always happens. Don’t act like this is the first time ever. Lets also not forget that horribly missed illegal helmet-to-helmet targeting hit Daniel Sorensen had against Rashard Higgins last week in KC-CLE
  19. As much as Brady has annoyed the hell out of me, I wanted him to get to the Super Bowl. I’m content with this. The fact is that Rodgers, LaFleur, and the Packers laid a big ol :censored: in the bed. FWIW, Rodgers is now 0-4 in his last 4 NFC Championship games. At this point, I honestly hope he never makes it back to the Super Bowl.
  20. Those white helmets should never meet the light of day. We’re at least lucky they never made it out of the initial franchise unveiling press conference.
  21. The Texans uniform are fine, IMO. Could they be better? Absolutely. I’ll always see them as New England’s uniforms that just got perfected. The Patriots uniforms that were unveiled in 2001 were obviously meant to be a test run for what Houston did with their uniforms.
  22. I believe this was 2011. Since then, I believe no yellow jerseys have seen the field for Wyoming.