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  1. I was thinking of cutting a lower portion of the circle out to make an abstract “A”. Thoughts?
  2. So, it’s not perfect and I’m not totally sold on the font, but I’m looking for C&C on this design.... American “Electric” Motors- OLD-
  3. Dez Bryant as a member of the Ravens AND wearing 11 He’s listed on the Ravens website as No. 88 and supposedly yesterday he was playing the role of Steelers WR Chase Claypool (who also wears No. 11) at practice yesterday
  4. Kyle Larson has signed a multi-year contract with Hendrick Motorsports and will drive the No. 5 car. Meaning the the race team has officially shelved the No. 88
  5. If only they were sensible enough to at least give the numbers a gold outline
  6. He has a deal with Columbia Sportswear and Root Insurance just released a commercial featuring Wallace in a race car. I’m wondering if CashApp will follow him as well.
  7. I noticed they looked off on Saturday. Like the painted flag was too small/smaller than it should be.
  8. I’m just gonna be the one to say it... The Falcons don’t look terrible.
  9. It’s not confusion. Just weird to see it amongst players wearing 70-79
  10. Left Guard. Per the Cowboys website, its Connor Williams [G]
  11. An O-Lineman on Dallas is wearing 52
  12. But in all seriousness, I get your points. In reference to the teal jersey though, I was a big fan of Jacksonville electing to not repeat number coloring on the three main jerseys
  13. The current Titans set presents relatively the same problem as the prior Jaguars set. Overly complicated, but one or two tweaks from being a good set. IMO, They could’ve just changed the helmet to the all black as they have now and adjusted the pants stripes to standard vertical stripes Blacks Pants [G/T/W] White Pants [T/B/G] Also, that gold color rush wasn’t bad, just misguided. Now with Jacksonville’s current set, they over adjusted and look like the Tropical Raiders (IDK I’m just trying to emphasize the lack of teal and gold). As for the Titans, eliminate the armpit stains and adjust and align the shoulder and pants stripe as the same. No “sword” tip or “slash” marks. Sorta kinda like so- (Side Note: I post those Oregon State uniforms a lot on these threads. They really are the most perfect uniforms I’ve seen in the past decade)
  14. I wouldn’t say the uniform is awful. Like I said in my above post, the Titans made it over complicated for no good reason. They need to either 1: Three jerseys (Navy, White, Columbia) One pair of pants (columbia) One pair of socks (navy) OR 2: Two jerseys (Navy, White) One pair of pants (White) One pair of socks (Navy)
  15. With the current set, the best options IMO- HOME AWAY ALT These are second best- (you can barely see the navy socks) However, I don’t mind these- What I see with Tennessee is they actually have a really good set, but it’s way too many options. Overcomplicated. They have a chance to utilize Columbia Blue like how Green Bay & Pittsburgh utilize yellow/gold. They also have the opportunity to demote it completely to trim color like the last four photos show and still look relatively good.
  16. I wouldn’t mind this Texas State helmet for Washington- Yes including the white facemask and chrome gold.
  17. I’ll raise you two more- Todd Husak from 2000 Tim Hasselbeck from 2003-
  18. Is that an NFL100 logo on the collar? If that’s the case then the gold pants are still in circulation. I don’t remember New Orleans wearing them at all last season either.
  19. Michael Jordan & Denny Hamlin officially unveiled their team name, logo, and car number today 23XI Racing (read as “twenty-three eleven”)- - Car number is 23 - Car manufacturer (likely Toyota) yet to be announced - Sponsorship yet to be announced
  20. Ravens trading 2021 3rd Round Pick & 2022 Conditional 5th Round Pick to Vikings for Yannick Ngakoue
  21. I honestly think they would’ve stood the test of time if they chose a different number font and better helmet stripe.
  22. I’d be okay with it if it had a “floating” white border.