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  1. I definitely lost a few brain cells listening to this
  2. Absolutely. It would actually give fans a reason to willingly pay to go to games. A friend of mine went to a game earlier this season when COVID restrictions were still heavily enforced and an usher told him there was literally zero difference between those COVID games and any regular game the Orioles play. The sad part is that is absolutely true. There’s nothing to root for in Camden Yards. It’s a bottomless vortex of misery and has been for quite some time. It’s the main reason why I think the team needs to fast track Adley Rutschman as well as other minor leaguers, including Cal Ripken’s son, Ryan into the majors solely to sell tickets and get fans excited again. This “rebuild” has no end in sight.
  3. Hear me out, A flame with “KC” where the tail pokes out beyond a crown. Would be a nice way to connect to the city and cross-parking lot companions, the Royals.
  4. I’d even say lean into the whole Kansas City being the “BBQ capital of the world” and utilize a flame logo of some sort. I’m sure Guy Fieri isn’t too busy these days.
  5. Really hoping the Orioles can pull something out of their asses to get either Trevor Story or Kris Bryant. Even if that includes shipping away Trey Mancini. I’m over this never ending “not a rebuild even though it is, but we’re not going to say it is” bull :censored: this team pulls every single year.
  6. To a third year 1st Round wide receiver who has started 25 of 30 games, but close enough.
  7. I don’t know, getting two numbers retired by one franchise is pretty neat
  8. Maybe one day an updated version of this will grace the 50 yard line
  9. Yeah, the Browns uniforms gradually keep getting better
  10. The G logo gives off “Major League” vibes. Which is pretty fitting honestly
  11. So, tell me again why San Francisco can’t do 3 sleeve stripes and sock stripes?
  12. The thing is, with every Nike rebrand, the team will 100% want its own custom font to differentiate from everyone else. IMO, the only number font that should have never seen the light of day was Tampa Bay 1.0. They fixed that mistake this time around. The Rams number font is completely fine because at least it’s legible.
  13. The more I look at these, the more I think the blue on the sleeves look like something that belongs on a Bengals jersey
  14. We’re talking about an NFL owner who started out a press conference for the team’s new head coach on the day after New Year’s Day by saying “Happy Thanksgiving”
  15. My vote is still for 32s/Thirty-Twos with a dark horse candidate being (Capitol) Hilltoppers, but chances are we’ll just end up with a refined Football Team/Club identity
  16. They need to stay away from Native American imagery as much as “America! F Yeah!” imagery. The team could utilize “Warriors” with whatever connotation they want, but everyone would know it’s just “old name+”
  17. I mean when you keep regurgitating the same ol “these ‘jabronis’ don’t know how to dress” nonsense, it gets tiresome after a while. Who cares. They get paid millions to do what they love. Look, we all get it. Aesthetically, it looks like crap, but if they want to dress like that to feel comfortable or to (unfortunately) risk injury (which for some reason you’ve been known to wish upon a player), it shouldn’t be your concern. Want to truly stop the undershirt problem? Maybe these defenders should learn how to tackle properly because obviously holding onto a shirt for dear life isn’t the answer.
  18. Rams get an A+ on this jersey, IMO. Sleeves look 10x better on retail jerseys
  19. Warriors and anything “Red-“ is unequivocally a cop out and back door into the team not really dropping the old name.
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