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  1. You’re right, it isn’t the same. In fact, I’d say debating the potential of new uniforms has a higher place among these board than having some weird vendetta against a player’s personal choice.
  2. Neither is discussing whether or not a franchise would ever unveil a black or grey uniform with its new identity. Try again.
  3. You have an irrational concern over something as insignificant as a pulled out undershirt, yet here we are.
  4. Granted, it’s using the former name and current jersey style, this “inverted” grey fashion jersey from last year didn’t look too bad.
  5. i DoN’t kNoW wHy TeAmS uPdAtE tHeiR uNiFoRmS tO fiT iN wiTh MoDeRn TiMes. aLL 32 tEAmS nEeD tO LivE FifTy YeArS iN tHe PaSt aNd bE LikE Da RAiDeRs n pAcKeRs
  6. MiAmi NeEdS tO wEaR tHeM FuLL TiMe. sO mUch BeTtEr ThAn ThE cRaP tHeY wEaR nOw.
  7. PIT-JAX might just be one of the best looking matchups of the week Not very often is Jacksonville in this discussion.
  8. Those and the Cowboys in their color rush would be matchup of the week contender
  9. I think they should’ve taken advantage of the opportunity and added a single dark gold stripe to the helmet.
  10. No one said they were gonna throw the normal colors away... it’s just that they have every chance in the world now to tweak the shades
  11. They could stick with only the “khaki” pants. The white jersey could just be the darker burgundy numbers with gold trim
  12. A shame they probably won’t use these colors/uniforms as a base for the new identity
  13. For as much as they seem to be laying into this “temporary” name, I’m surprised they didn’t come up with some faux-retro logos to use
  14. Is it though? I’m curious to know your reasoning behind it being a “home run brand”... aside from the antler helmets.
  15. The team has been using these cool retro style graphics on social media
  16. Background ads have been more and more intrusive the past few days
  17. They and the Patriots could even have a real forced ‘murica rivalry
  18. You know what... I think I’m a fan of “Werewolves” and it could be shortened to “Wolves” too when necessary.
  19. Sad how yet another team can do the Pittsburgh Steelers better than the Steelers themselves.