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  1. My biggest problem here is that the majority of the universe was extremely happy that the new Dallas jerseys were green and not black, and you went with black. Also, the swoosh striping doesn't fit with the new, angular logo.
  2. There definitely needs to be a stronger effort. This is just the paint bucket tool over and over. Darken the yellow, and treat the grey splotches as darker shades of the underlying color and try a more original striping pattern.
  3. In my opinion, it's a lateral move. Try changing up the colors and add some stripes on the jersey itself. I personally miss the only good thing to come out of the recent Bucs re-brand: the new pirate ship.
  4. The fact that I could sketch a logo for your team in under two minutes and at least have some basis to improve from, and you cannot shows that no, you were not just "going simple" but were in fact being lazy.
  5. I tried my hand at some basketball designs. If I get enough positive reactions to this I might start a redesign series but I'm not sure. Atlanta: Atlanta has usually had designs on the modern side, so I went the complete opposite route with the home and road. (I'm making dark kits the home unis). I brought back red and yellow as the scheme, dropping grey and blue. The number font is the old Thrasher's. Pac-Man becomes the primary logo. For the alternate, I had to do a 90's faux-back. It is very similar to their black/gradient roads, except it is a yellow/red gradient.
  6. As stated above, not everyone associates Easter with an egg laying rabbit... I understand, but that logo could also just as easily be a crest for Team England. It doesn't scream Easter at all. And if you wanted to go with the more religious aspect, that's fine, but you should be correct. The logo depicts the crucifixion, which is not what Easter celebrates. Instead, you should depict the resurrection.
  7. Could you suggest some? Right now I am using Raysox's.
  8. I'm fairly positive that the logo was made in Microsoft Word... I'm not even kidding, you hit Insert Shape no more than four times. I also think it's too elongated. I would lighten the maroon and soften the blue. Right now the blue is borderline neon. IMO, I would not put the Christ statue in there as a whole, but I would like to see a small silhouette of that statue on the mountain.
  9. The twin cities already have a NLL team in St.Paul, the Swarm. I don't know how well a second lacrosse franchise would be supported. Same thing with Toronto and Vancouver. Are you thinking Portland, Oregon or Maine?
  10. Australia: I changed the collar style to a non-polo style. the hem features Ayers Rock, aka Uluru (A natural monument of the Australian outback). The font is a standard block font. I enlarged the logo and placed it on the center chest, proud and upfront, the way a crest should be presented. However, if the majority of you say it should moved back to the traditional spot, I will. I mixed the navy with the green to get a dark, dark teal and changed the pale yellow to more of a yellow orange. On a minor note, I gave the crest a double outline.
  11. Oh, so it's kind of like the 1974 Summit Series for Team Canada. They get their asses kicked but 40 years in the future they return to those jerseys. And yet, miraculously the country isn't being burned to the ground. I don't know how that works. Explain why Canada is able to move on but Brazil cannot? And I updated that design, so can you stop getting so heated when I fixed it Thank you. I will fix the shades, but before I do so I am just curious where I should apply the peach trim? Like just on like the collar and numbers or on the sash too?
  12. UPDATE: New coaster, comet positioning, and less pixelation.
  13. Netherlands: I brought back the sash that they wore a few years ago.
  14. Use bolder strokes, especially on the outlines.