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  1. I've noticed that they have made Playoff Logos for each team, what do you guys think?
  2. I admit I am not the best. Hopefully Ottawa will be better received, I am using the Sens' Peace Tower logo for them. I apologize if the concepts are brutal
  3. Here are the Riders, I tried to keep as close to their classic look as I could Fun Fact: In the CAAF Universe Tim Tebow was assigned to the CAAF by Denver in 2012, he currently is the Backup for Saskatchewan. Probably because during the 2013 Season he set the league record for most passes intercepted with 38 passes picked. HOME AWAY FIELD Well it never looks like this as the CAAF plays during the same window as the NFL so usually looks something like this.
  4. Currently working on Saskatchewan, should have it done late this afternoon (I have to focus on homework, but it's hard to)
  5. I got it from an OOTP Logopack I had lying around on my external hard drive, here it is as you can see it isn't the largest logo Unfortunately I am not skilled enough to make logo's from scratch, but I guess I've always associated Thunderbirds with the Vancouver region. Yes, I decided I should try my own fictional history, I enjoy creating alternate histories as well as sports. I also need something to do over spring break.
  6. This is a What-If concept series, so bear with me here. Timeline (WIP) Pre-CAAF (1995-2006) 1995: The CFL declares bankruptcy due to the falling Canadian Dollar, as well as the major debt accumulated by the failed CFL-USA.1998: CFL ceases operations, eight of the nine teams fold after public interest fades leaving Saskatchewan alone; Roughriders become a travel team.2000: Saskatchewan plays exhibition game using NFL Rules, dubbed the "Millenium Match", against Minnesota, the Vikings win 42-17.2001: NFL officials express interest in a Canadian Minor-Pro League, debates rage over a farm system. It is seen as a stepping stone to establishing American Football as a global game.2002: Green Bay visits Regina in the second game of the "Millenium Series", Saskatchewan is crushed 48-13.2003: Saskatchewan ownership and the NFL Commissioner meet with several NHL owners to discuss feasibility of new Canadian Football League.2004: NFL Board of Executives vote on Canadian Minor-Pro League after 3 years of meetings, it passes narrowly 19-13.2005: Saskatchewan Roughriders become first official team in the Canadian Association of American Football.2006: CAAF announces Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal as the first three expansion teams; Vancouver is named the Thunderbirds, Toronto revives the Argos, and Montreal becomes the Voyageurs. CAAF signs 5-year TV deal with TSN.Testing the Waters (2007-09)2007 Season: CAAF's Inaugural Season, Saskatchewan dominates the season going 6-2 losing to Vancouver and Montreal, Montreal finished second going 5-3. Vancouver went 3-5, Toronto went an abysmal 0-8. Saskatchewan beat Montreal 37-28 in the first "Canada Bowl".2008 Season: Vancouver surprises the league going 6-2, splitting their season series with the Roughriders, Saskatchewan splits their season 4-4 losing to each team at least once. Out east Montreal went 5-3, beating Toronto 4 times yet again. Toronto registered a win against Saskatchewan, bringing them to 1-7. Vancouver wins Canada Bowl II 28-24 over Montreal.2009 Season: Vancouver & Seattle start their "Cascadia Cup" exhibition series in Seattle, Seattle wins 48-17. Montreal goes a perfect 8-0, while Toronto goes 0-8 again. Vancouver manages to go 5-3, while Saskatchewan goes 3-5. Montreal wins Canada Bowl III 34-28 over Vancouver.Restoration (2010-14)2010 Season: League expands to six teams, adding a revived Calgary Stampeders club and the Ottawa Civics. Saskatchewan leads regular season, they go 9-3 losing to Montreal twice and Vancouver once, Vancouver obtains second place in the West going 7-5, while Calgary manages to go 3-9. Montreal leads the east again, they go 8-4, Ottawa made the playoffs going 6-6, while Toronto went 3-9.Saskatchewan beats Ottawa 42-38 to win Canada Bowl IV. I'll update the Timeline above as I go, but first I'll release the Vancouver Thunderbirds HOME AWAY FIELD
  7. For the Finland logo you should have "Suomi" instead of "Finland", especially since you have Czech Republic written in Czech on their jersey
  8. Here's Buffalo, as we all know whenever they try to look "Modern" it fails miserably, from the Demon Goat to the Buffaslug, but they did have that modernised crossed-sabre logo. I updated it to match their current colours.
  9. The Calgary one was amazing, the original Podium Jersey was the first I ever had, I loved it as a toddler. That Spokane concept reminds me of HC Davos for some reason.
  10. Here's Boston, I tried keeping it as close to their classic look as possible, while stile making it... well Nike.
  11. I am still kind of new to concept making. I've done a few before but I am not the best. However practice makes slightly better. So here is my first team, Anaheim. I drew inspiration from their original EDGE jerseys but edited it to look better. **UPDATED VERSION ON POST #4** C&C more than welcome