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  1. I came across this thorough and informative discussion on the new minor league landscape between the heads of SABR and Baseball America.
  2. I would be Ron Hodges, the Mets' third-string catcher from 1973 through 1984 (and no relation to Gil Hodges). You come in in the 8th inning of a blowout, you catch the occasional day game after a night game, or on getaway day, or maybe the second game of a doubleheader. You play in maybe 50 games a year, getting about 150 at-bats. No one expects anything from you. And if once or twice you get a pinch hit that wins a ballgame, that's what people remember. That's the life.
  3. My avatar is the logo for my softball team, the New York Diamonds. Here are some shots.
  4. That's true. The CFL's Baltimore Stallions were beloved, even though they ultimately figured they had to leave town when the giant behemoth of the NFL came back. A decade earlier, the USFL's Tampa Bay Bandits had actually surpassed the Bucs in public respect. And the Arena League's Storm were thought of in that town as major league. Still, we cannot doubt the lamentable truth that the NFL has reached such a level of wealth and dominance that it has become unassailable. So the days of another league luring NFL stars in their prime, as the AFL, WFL, and USFL had done, are over. Neverthelessss, we must grasp the idea that, for another league to be successful, that league would not have to topple the NFL, or even rival it. The possibility definitely exists for another football league to thrive as a niche phenomenon, as opposed to the mass phenomenon of the NFL. There is plenty of room for this, both in hearts of fans, and in the sports marketplace.
  5. Despite the terrible uniforms, the play was fairly entertaining. However, for a game that is intended to move fast, there is a lot of down time between snaps, as the players wait for the fan-called play to come in. I found that I was able to advance the video as much as 30 seconds after the end of each play, before the next snap.
  6. That indeed became the practice of some teams later on. The Mets of the late 1980s split the difference, with Howard Johnson wearing "H. Johnson" and manager Davey Johnson wearing just "Johnson".
  7. They've kept the same aesthetic, the same colours, even the same font. Very good job on all of that. And the name being "boring" is a plus, as that name feels like something that could have been around for decades. I find the choice to strike just the right tone. My small regret is that I wish the name could have utilised that font's distinctive capital J. Still, I'd say that the goal of maintaining continuity while correcting the existing problems has been met. While, from the ideal standpoint, there would be nothing wrong with a realistic-looking Black woman on a box of any given product, in the context of this particular brand and its former name, no image of a Black woman, no matter how realistic, could escape being read as somehow demeaning. Let us realise that the Washington football club's former helmet logo was, in itself, not insulting; indeed, that drawing of a Native man would, in other contexts, probably be perceived as dignified. But, in connection with the team's nickname, it took on a whole different meaning. This is related to the reason that no depiction of a Black woman could be present on the boxes belonging to this brand.. Now there's a singularly awful take. The symbolism involved in this brand is fraught. And the conversation amongst Black observers of diverse viewpoints about what is appropriate to replace the brand's former name and imagery is one that is definitely worthwhile.
  8. Randy Bass, who holds the Japanese record for the highest batting average in a season at .396, and who one year hit 54 home runs, challenging Sadaharu Oh's then-single-season record of 55. However, in the last game of the 1985 season, Bass's Hanshin Tigers were playing the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants, the team for which Oh had played and which he was then managing. And the Giants walked Bass intentionally every time up. Oh's record would eventually be tied and then surpassed by other foriegn players.
  9. Thank you for the response! However, I think the text for the station is still too small relative to the text for the line. Also, there is no outline. I will demonstrate my suggestion by riffing on your design with the crude tools at my disposal.
  10. I like the incorporation of the geographical shape. But I think there should be an outline in the line colour around the entirety of the shape. Also, there is no need for the line's colour name, given that the colour itself is so prominent. If the line's name is included as a form of accommodation to colour blind people, then that word should be much smaller than the station's name.
  11. While the Mets introduced the racing stripe on the home uniform in 1983, they had already begun using it in on the road uniform in 1982.
  12. The Cardinals were not wearing new uniforms that season. They wouldn't switch back to the buttondown/belted uniforms until 1992.