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  1. I am a huge Giants fan myself. Today was a bitter loss. Aside from that, I hate their road uniforms too. I like your concept, but I think the entire nameplate should be blue.
  2. I like the concept, but I think this thread could also be about the remodeling of the current AFL jumpers. Also, where do you get the link to create these AFL jumpers?
  3. Windell is back! I still take pride in coming up with the Iqaluit Inukshuks. Windell, the logos look very fresh, and everything looks great. Keep it up!
  4. Finish all 30 teams. These look really good.
  5. You can't do Perth Swans because there is a Sydney Swans in the AFL, who actually have a pretty big rivalry with the West Coast Eagles, who play in Perth.
  6. Three things. 1) Santiago Incas, great name, great modifications on the logo. They look like a team who's re-branded their logo throughout their history. I think I came up with that. 2) I'm from New Jersey, and Entourage made me laugh a little. 3) Denver Elevation, I think the pale blue should be turned into navy. It would look so much better. For the alternate logo, (With the M), make a little white ring separating the sun from the navy mountain.
  7. Great improvement (way late, haven't visited). The Ignition needs to be flipped over so people can read it.
  8. For the Sydney Echidnas logo, the yellow "V" crest on the bottom should be a border around the entire logo I believe. Because, on the uniform, with the yellow crest going all the way around, all the colors are separated throughout, which gives it a more sleek look in my opinion.
  9. St. John's Salukis. Still sticking to alliteration. Whitehorse Sleigh Dogs. Dog sledding is popular there and Sleigh Dogs, again, is BADASS
  10. Windell you sound pretty badass standing besides your work. And you have proved me wrong on the Vancouver color scheme. The uniforms look sick.
  11. I don't know what team you're doing next. I am actually about to offer some criticism on the Vancouver logo. I don't like the Seawolves colors. Vancouver is such a beautiful and vibrant city and putting black and gray on teal is kinda dull to me. I'm suggesting changing the color scheme a little bit. I think the logo will appear more attractive that way. Keep up the good work!
  12. You are right jaxon I did do the Paris Palaces. Musketeers is so much better! I remember thinking that Sacramento or Oakland or some other California team should've been the Musketeers, I don't know why I didn't think about that for Paris!