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  1. What about that canadian olympic logo they always seem to put on? thank you! I totally forgot about the IIHF patch.
  2. Hey guys! I've recently just made a hockey template with the intention of just showing my Wild logo, but I figured i'd try my hand at some other teams' jerseys and see what you guys think. the first international jersey I've tried is Canada. Will be adding more teams and the rest of the uniform components when time allows. thanks for looking! EDIT: heres a nike vers for those who may dislike my logo.
  3. Was working on another template and had a go at a more modern styled jersey type, by my semi-fictitious company, Astro!. If you like the first one better, no harm!
  4. I'll keep working at it! The only issue I've come across is using the wolf in a similar style. Thanks! For the template, maybe in the future, because I'm developing another one, but as of right now there's no plans. Thanks dawg
  5. At first I had a bit of trouble liking this, but then I pictured it on a sleeve of a baseball jersey and now I get it. Really top work. Would be good for the Warriors too, especially if they move to San Francisco. This in gold, white, blue, and red would be godly.
  6. Thank you for the prompt feedback! Sounds to me like I should maybe post a version with their true current colors? Here is a uniform sketch from a template I did. I have an interesting idea for the stripes on the rear of the jersey but it'll have to wait until I finish the template.
  7. Hey! I did this Minnesota Wild logo after dicking around while thinking of ideas for the Minnesota Timberwolves. I haven't redone it in a proper program to get clean lines+resolution+ratios, so forgive me. Its by no means a final product. The left is the logo, the right is a Legacy logo of sorts, Sunday home game kind of things. Its sorta different than most NHL logos, and I personally think it boarders a bit too much on the graphic design side, but alas! I want to know what you think. Those keen on NHL logo history will obvs know what i'm going for here. I will be posting uniforms and alt logos when I finish them!
  8. Its hard to tell what you're going for without a rendering, but something immediately strikes me about it. I think it can be rendered into a very retro kitsch style badge that no player/ brand has made before. It reminds me of this and other various 90's logos for sporting events.
  9. Nice! I think the main crest on the Clinton uniform should be the CNN logo, with hers on the back.
  10. Honestly I think you've mixed two things that dont work together. I would change either the round style of the Dinosaur or the angled nature of the outside logo. Maybe try a circle with the raptor? Despite what a few others are saying, I dont think the Raptor not looking fierce enough is the issue, its that he's in a fierce branding scheme that doesn't fit him. Not every logo has to be badass and mean to be serious, Celtics, the sweatered Milwaukee Buck, the list goes on. Try a vintage look out with the shape of the dinosaur and see if it clicks better for you.
  11. Here's Turkey! Found out after Sunday's France match that this sleeve style would be banned from UEFA. TURKEY
  12. Wow thank you! Thank you, that means a lot! I try to look at making kits that way, if I can say so, as a canvas for art. I think there's a ton of restrictions in the world of kits, and I think more people should try changing things around to suit their vision rather than using rules as a guide to hold their ideas back. Like changing crests, sponsors, color shades.
  13. Hey! Yes, trying to push the boundaries a bit, no worries! hey thanks! The idea is that the article is the same type of fabric as the collar, but magnetized to the shirts (on the replicas). One magnet in the piece, another small one embedded seamlessly in the collar. One of those small thin ones that you wouldn't be able to feel. Long story short, its removable. Also, thats what the shorts are inspired by! All the 90's Umbro kits are a big inspiration to me. Dont want to sound dramatic but I think they're the last great run of shirts, until football shirts started to lose personality.
  14. try it now! not sure why they went down. they are very big files though tbh
  15. hey guys! I wanted to make a separate thread for my kits for EURO2016. I appreciate all the feedback thus far in the other thread i've done, the J-League one. I hope you guys dont mind me starting another. I've been doing a few euro 2016 kits for various teams in no particular order or format, but I think you might like them anyway! I've posted them on my Twitter @moomdesigns but really want to put them here to get your opinions! FRANCE HOME NORTHERN IRELAND ALTERNATE ENGLAND + WALES pick 'em RUSSIA (okay so its the USSR, no disrespect, but I really wanted to make a full kit of this shirt which I did a while ago.)
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