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  1. Portland Timbers 2014-15 Alt (Dark green/yellow) Vendor 12 Portland Timbers 2014-15 Alt (Dark green/yellow) Rice 12 Thanks a ton!
  2. AdRice97

    Zigzag's MLB

    What's changed from what they have already?
  3. It's meant to be sleeveless- do you think I should make it all white? While some might day that it's outdated a bit, I actually like the idea of the colored sleeves, although I get that you were going for the vest look. I'd keep the sleeves as a they are, colored.
  4. That alternate...It's just, so beautiful...
  5. I believe he's using red because their primary logo features mostly red while their current uniforms don't have any, thus incorporating it through an alternate.
  6. guess that was a small execution error and I will make sure it doesn't happen again Getting C&C is supposed to allow you to make changes, not just say that you'll do it next time. If I were trying to make this a successful thread I would go back and make the edits you feel shouldn't 'happen again.' Just my two cents though.
  7. I love what you've come up with here. However, (and correct me if I'm wrong) wouldn't the 'swoosh' of the main color on each sweater be reversed on the back, assuming that the tips meet together. Or are you saying that the patterns are opposite on the front and back? Also, the shoulder patches should only be half seen on each view, unless there are four per sweater. Again, I love the concept and look forward to following this thread.
  8. I love the update, your works looks amazing. That said, I want to add onto what EasleyK said and agree that you need stitching around the inside of the black circle where the white and orange are, if my wording makes sense. Again, this looks great, love the concept and idea.
  9. I'd vote for an update after the last game of every day ends. Maybe keep a list link in the original post so we can see the progression? Just an idea. Love what you're doing, keep it up.
  10. Yes, as long as your submission respects the rules mentioned in the initial post, you can submit hand drawn designs. In that case, count me in.
  11. I like what you have going here. However, I would put the Firebirds wordmark on the home white and move the chest logo to the alt black. Just my two cents.
  12. So I'm back with some major updates for teams throughout the entire league. I've included the before and after look so you guys can see what exact changes have been made. I'll takes comments on these for a day or so before moving onto the next division. Thanks for being patient with the updates.
  13. Alright, I'd like to apologize for not posting for a bit but I was out of town and then some things came up. I'm back with the New Mexico Flames, the last team in the Four Corners Division. I had some trouble with the primary logo so I put two options on the page for you guys to judge. Let me know what you think and I'll post updates for these last few teams before I move on.
  14. I like it. However, how come the lack of a sand/tan outline where the head meets the body?