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  1. The L.A. DEFIANCE thread was closed due to the following explanation: "Concepts depicting current or recent political figures or using partisan political symbols as an example of content that may not be posted".


    Okay. Then I don't understand why THIS thread, in the Sports Concepts section, was NOT closed by any moderator back then in 2016 due to the same aforementioned reasons:


    Firstly, I find it extremely odd that this very thread has even less to do with sports in general, unlike the L.A. DEFIANCE thread  – namely purely nothing at all! Zero. Yet, it wasn't closed.


    (Let alone the "fun" fact, that both parties of the two-party system are responsible in the first place for that very system that black people have been forced to live under for centuries, a system that actually led to Colin Kaepernick's kneeling and the BLM movement!)

  2. It's nice, but there's too much going on. You probably should simplify the whole thing. My biggest gripe is the roundel logo at the bottom of the logo – which would be okay – if it hadn't text around the LAC mark ("Clippers Basketball – Fifty seasons"). Imagine the logo being used at a small(er) scale – no chance to read that text anymore! Even on the uniform, it would get lost. It's also kind of redundant, since the "50 years" are already the focal point of the logo. My advice: get rid of the text around the circle logo at the bottom. You could then also enlarge the "LAC" logo in order to get thicker strokes, just like the rest of the logo. I would also delete the white outlines inside the "50" by putting that same thin white outline at the bottom of your layers panel. Same with the "LAC" logo, the "LOS ANGELES" banner, the "1950" and "1970" ribbon. I would use these white outlines literally and only as outlines for usage on a dark background. Right now, there are just way too many white thin outlines, or white lines in general, all over the place in your logo that clutter up the mark. I also don't think that "LOS ANGELES" is needed, or helpful in terms of design, since the two terms, "LOS ANGELES" and "CLIPPERS", have two different typefaces, and one of them is even a script. That's one example that there is too much going on. That's why I would emphasize the word "CLIPPERS" by enlarging it and drop "LOS ANGELES". I'm sure It's a matter of common knowledge that all NBA fans associate the Clippers with the city of L.A.
  3. Yeah, I thought so. I'll think about completing the whole thing in terms of typeface. Thanks for watching!
  4. Thanks, stumpygremlin. I guess you're asking about that font from A to Z, including numerals, or the rest of the bulldog? I've only made the letters you can see here, and I'm not sure whether I'd create the rest of the alphabet, plus numbers, too. Regarding the dog, same thing.
  5. "The Wingate Bulldogs are the athletic teams that represent Wingate University, located in Wingate, North Carolina, in NCAA Division II intercollegiate sports. The Bulldogs compete as members of the South Atlantic Conference for all 22 varsity sports. Wingate has been a member of the SAC since 1989." – Wikipedia A modernized Bulldog remains the primary mark. The logo set consists of four other marks: a new initial logo, "W" for Wingate, a circle logo, a state logo, and a custom typeface wordmark. Current primary logo
  6. Your Jags rebrand is simply top-notch, from A to Z, same goes for the uniforms. It is, without any doubt, my absolute favorite! Tampa Bay is beautiful as well. I very much dig the alternate uniform. Can't even explain why. This is one of these textbook examples why I think the NFL (and the team owners) should be bolder in terms of design, trying out something new. As a Giants fan, I totally understand the aspect of tradition. Yet, the NFL is way too conservative in that regard. The Redtails' alternate uniform also looks pretty sweet, same goes for the circle plane logo! The Eagles minus black? Yes! Uniforms look very good, too. Much cleaner now. You're one of very few people who don't promote Kelly Green to return to the Eagles' color scheme? I have to mark it on my calendar! Rams logo, plus unis, is simply gorgeous. Period. I can't remember the Ram head logo. Is it new? Anyway, looks awesome. Jets look super-clean and better than the ones they have right now (although they're good). The Vikings logo is superb, especially the hidden "MV". Like the unis, too. My Giants are one of the oldest teams in the NFL (1925), so we don't need to talk about what tradition means to this organization. And once again, I like the alternate uniform best. It looks very old-schoolish, and therefore this very uniform would fit the Giants perfectly – if they were doing something like this. Very entertaining thread, MC! Keep up the great work...
  7. No, I was referring to the link underneath the Bulls G-League logo that he's posted. That's a link to his own design here on CCSL.
  8. Thanks, Bobster. Yup, Lakers could use some upgrade, too.
  9. You're using my thread to promote your own Chicago Bulls logo concept through a link right underneath the picture without wasting any words on my work? Not cool...
  10. You've done something that would have been my first thought/work step when redesigning the Panthers: replacing black with plum or some shade of dark navy! I've never been a fan of black and light blue. Two different shades of blue (or in your case, light blue and plum) just look cleaner, more modern, and I think this color combination is also more pleasing to the eye. Nice uniform set, too!
  11. I really like your design of the Dolphins because your version of the logo looks very sweet. In fact, it's better than the one they're using – since yours has more in common with the mark of the good, old Dan Marino days, just minus the helmet – which is okay. Pink actually works pretty good as a second (accent) color. Some people would probably argue that pink is way too female for a professional football team full of tough guys with cuts and bruises. So I'm not a 100% sure about it. Yet, visually, it absolutely works! The third uniform's "gradient" is bold, but I like it because it's Miami! In my view, the NFL could actually use more boldness in terms of design. Not the Cleveland Browns/Tampa Bay Bucs kind of boldness by Nike, but...well, you know what I mean. Looking forward to what my Big Blue look like! Nice job...
  12. Thanks, flyersfan! In fact, the meaner looking bull wasn't a priority in the beginning at all. It somehow evolved into it, since at some point I've realized that his eyes and some other areas could use some tweaking here and there.
  13. This is one of the college teams – the California Riverside Highlanders – which are in need of a rebrand, or refresh because their identity, at least partly, looks outdated. First of all, I reduced the total number of colors from six to now three – medium blue is now darker, gold remains untouched. The primary mark is based on Riverside's iconic mass bell which was used by Father Junipero Serra, a missionary priest and founder of the California Missions. The alternate logo consists of a simplified, modernized version of the interlocked "UC" in the center of a circle, plus the university's official name. The third mark is the wordmark logo – with the word "Riverside" underneath the initials. Current primary logo Primary logo Alternate logo Wordmark logo
  14. Thanks, SEANL. That's exactly what I tried to achieve with that update.
  15. Thanks a lot, timberwolf. Thank you, itsmb8. Thanks, CS! I actually don't even remember what the Bull's head exactly looks like on a cap. Last Bulls cap I've bought was roughly 25 years ago.
  16. You should pick one and the same line width. EIther make the two burgundy circle outlines the same stroke width of the feathers, or vice versa.
  17. As a long time Chicago Bulls fan myself, I'm aware of the fact that most die-hard supporters of this NBA franchise actually want no changes at all – I did it anyway. The main focus was on increasing line width, cleaning up and centering the wordmark properly (still Stymie Becker, Bold) and adding just a tiny notch of modernization to the Bull's head, so that one would easily recognize the mark, but also appreciate the aspect in terms of refreshing the brand a little bit. Partial bull head logo Primary logo Logo comparison
  18. Here's a slight modernization, a rebrand of the current Kansas City Chiefs primary mark. Completely gone is the color black since the team has been using it solely as a supporting color, plus it's nowhere to be found on their uniforms – except for helmet logo usage. The entire arrowhead is tilted in order to make it look more aerodynamic and faster. Same goes for the "KC" initial and the letters themselves which I also revised. I also added some texture to the arrowhead, including the initial to improve the overall look. Kansas City Chiefs primary logo on colored backgrounds Kansas City Chiefs primary logo on a football helmet
  19. I agree with @jaha32. The lines shouldn't be that thick. Especially the upper part of the basketball where all the seams intersect, looks a little bit too cluttered. Apart of that, awesome job! I prefer the red and yellow-gold version. Very clean, very balanced. This is how a Rockets primary logo should look like. Their current rebrand is one giant atrocity – particularly that absolutely superfluous and counterproductive graphite gray which creates almost zero color contrast in combination with black.
  20. Just googled whether this is their official logo – and it appears it is. I like the simplicity. That's a plus. But I think it's not really working well since the brain will always tell you that this is actually not a zero, but the overlaid combination of the numbers 6 and 9! If at all, the Blazers' primary logo is just a very abstract way to shape a zero. I bet that most people, who got absolutely no clue what this logo is about in the first place, have at least a very tough time to immediately guess right. The logo is creative, but at the same time pretty forced, too.