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  1. This is my latest logo concept – this time for the Memphis Grizzlies, using the original team colors (source: ColorWerx). A secondary logo and the usual word mark logos, as well as a uniform concept plus court design, will follow. After the primary logo, here now is the secondary logo and the main word mark logo. Another secondary and word mark logos will follow in the next days. Feedback is welcome. Primary logo Secondary logo Main word mark logo
  2. Get back to the drawing board. That Caribbean map thing would never ever work when being put into practice.
  3. A major improvement to the current Nike design which I will never fall in love with.
  4. That hat is absolutely stunning! I'm no Mariners fan, but I would definitely buy one of those.Thanks!
  5. You do know almost every MLB team uses the same font for numbers and names, right? Thank you for making this edit. I know that the standard blocky font is good, but i particularly like this font, and wanted to see it on a uni otherethan a logo. thanks! PERFECTION!!!!!!! You're welcome! Thanks a lot!
  6. – Uniform numbers now have the same font as the wordmark – Seattle road uniform logo is now equally beveled, gone is the "flag-in-the-wind"-look – I decided to invert the logo, name and number colors on the alternate uniform in order to get a better readability Home uniform Alternate uniform Road uniform
  7. Here are the Seattle Mariners uniforms with my redesigned logos and wordmarks. Link to the updated Mariners logo concept: http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/97531-seattle-mariners-logo-concept Hope you like it... Home uniform Alternate uniform Road uniform
  8. They should definitely stick with the current color scheme. @FinsWins10: Thanks a lot!
  9. Thank you, gentlemen. I appreciate it! The uniforms will follow in the next couple of days.
  10. Actually I've already tried that out, pretty much in the beginning after I finished my sketches. But I soon found out that – in combination with the sharp and angular shapes of the compass – the logo would have gotten overloaded with edgy and angular looking shapes. Without the compass, it definitely would have worked.
  11. The Washington Nationals and the Washington Capitals organizations might not like that. Need to plagiarize? C'mon...
  12. Thanks! Actually I'm not a real fan of them neither.
  13. Go Red Sox!

    Miami Vice

    The font you used looks too generic. Add some own ideas and create a font that doesn't look out of the box.
  14. Thank you! I thought of a flag blowing in the wind. The "S" is supposed to be the flagpole, while the rest of the word has the shape of a flag waving in the wind.
  15. This is my latest logo concept for the Seattle Mariners. I didn't want to change the basic character of the original design, so I just modernized the whole package. Metallic silver is now gone and was replaced by Cadet Gray – a blue-grayish shade of gray. Also gone are the red stitches on the baseball which, to me, scream "nineties"! The "Seattle" road uniform logo is now equally beveled, gone is the "flag-in-the-wind"-look. Hope you like it... Link to the updated Seattle Mariners uniform concept: http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/97554-u-p-d-a-t-e-seattle-mariners-uniform-concept-w-redesigned-logos/ Home/away cap logo Alternate cap logo
  16. I guess if it makes you happy. fine i used this as a refenerce. Its a TUTORIAL for a reason and it showed me how to make a face. if you disagree get off my topic I thought it's a logo concept as your headline says and no tutorial. A tutorial is something completely different. You've pretended to present us your personally designed Raiders logo concept. But what you really did was something completely different. You used an existing logo and changed a couple of things here and there to eventually present it as your creation. If it's really true that the only reason you used an existing logo was just for purpose of reference, then why didn't you mention that? I'd say that you were just surprised that somebody exposed your work pretty quickly as some kind of flam. I have to agree that this is rather plagiarism than anything else. I usually don't write that much, but in this case I had to, because you were definitely trying to make fools of us.