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  1. Thanks, Heitert. Much appreciated. Yet, I don't see any (striking) similarity between my logo and any Burger King mark between 1957 and now. You have a point about the Dairy Queen's logo shape, but Burger King and its round edges typo and two-line lettering?
  2. Thanks, Zeus89725. That's exactly what I wanted to achieve, namely a simplistic identity for a team that most of the time has been having the most simplistic identity of all NFL teams, the only team in the NFL for many decades without a helmet logo up to this day.
  3. This logo would not be on the Browns helmet. It would just replace their awkward helmet logo.
  4. Thanks, panthers2012. Even if they win another championship, there are no footballs with nine laces... ?
  5. Oh, no. This would look tacky, plus the Cavs have already been using that on their court.
  6. Thanks, guys. This wasn't intended to be a San Francisco Giants primary mark rebrand, but just a cleanup to get rid of superfluous parts of the logo. I absolutely agree that this very mark is lightyears away from being a great logo. Yet, it has been one of the more recognizable marks in MLB since 1983.
  7. Thanks, NoE38. Since the wordmark has no (gold) drop shadows anymore, but an orange outline, it wouldn't separate anymore from orange stitches. That's why they're black now. It just looks cleaner this way.
  8. Thanks for your input, officeglenn! Definitely looks better this way, since the "B" now clings more to the "T" than before. Pic has been updated.
  9. For some strange reason I can't upload any images anymore via the "insert image from URL" link. My pic is gone, and, even worse, I can't even upload images anymore, no matter what site I've been using (imgur, imgTC, cubeupload etc.) Does someone else have the same issue lately? Solved.
  10. A draft for a possible complete Tampa Bay Rays rebrand. This is my preliminary work result. Since the league loves initials as the team's main logos, and the (Devil) Ray theme has been exhausted, or could also be continued by leaving the secondary Ray mark on the uniform sleeves, this is what I came up with. Thoughts?
  11. Ooooooooooh, big time sacrilege! I don't wanna get stoned by my beloved die-hard Yankee rivals! Apart from that, it would look like the Yankees Spring Training uniforms, wouldn't it? Thanks, Digby. You're absolutely right about my designs: they're NOT groundbreakingly innovative, since Major League Baseball is a very conservative sport/league. I won't design uniforms that wouldn't be possible in the real league, although I wish they had at least a little bit more courage to try out some never-seen-before stuff. About the Angels navy uni: You're right about the similarity with my BoSox's alternate uniform. Yet, I think both unis differ from each other enough, since the Sox don't wear large numbers on the front, plus their jersey has no collar and sleeve piping.
  12. IV – Los Angeles Angels Navy Alternate Uniform I actually like the all-red Angels home and road uniform a lot, but they truly deserve a navy alternate as well. Here it is, and, all I can say is: instant buy!
  13. III – Miami Marlins Teal Alternate Uniform The Miami Marlins current uniform design with the 1990's Florida Marlins teal, silver and black color scheme.
  14. II – New York Mets Orange Alternate Uniform I'm one of those baseball fans who've always been thinking that the New York Mets should get a permanent orange alternate uniform – simply because of New York's history (New Amsterdam) and Netherland's Oranje tradition. So, here it is...
  15. The only striking similarity that I see is the fact that all those clubs you've mentioned use roundels as their primary mark.
  16. This might become a series of suggestions for MLB uniforms – or not. We'll see. I – Miami Marlins Blue Alternate Uniform The Miami Marlins of 2018 decided to not wear their orange alternate uniform – which, I guess to most people, was a bummer! When I and millions of other people think of the city of Miami, regardless whether we're baseball fans or not, we think of bright, loud and fresh colors. The ownership of the Marlins apparently not. So, all there's left for the Fish (this year) are a white, a black and a gray road uni. Okay. That's not for me! I have created my own MLB Authentic Uniform template completely in Adobe Illustrator, since Photoshop for some strange reasons isn't working anymore on my Mac. It ain't perfect, but I'm quite content with the result. So here's my blue alternate Marlins uniform – which I would prefer over the pretty decent orange (and probably for always and ever dumped) anytime.
  17. Thank you, WarriorFight. I absolutely agree with you that their current mark is too busy. Simplification was the main reason for me to overhaul it, including to drop that unnecessary Space City Blue.
  18. I've updated the pic again. You should see it now.