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  1. As a college baseball player at a school that uses UA, we have the same jersey cut and material. It feels cheap and not all that lightweight compared to Majestic authentics. Nike definitely was a better choice for the MLB.
  2. Was watching the game and the white pants kind of look like diapers from the broadcast angle tbh.
  3. I agree with this for the sake of merchandise sales. I think pullovers would make much better streetwear for the average person.
  4. That's a little disappointing, I was really excited to see a RWB scheme on marble pattern. The marble is barely visible, and they def should have recoloured the crest to match. I'd give it a 6/10 as a DCU fan.
  5. I actually disagree, I liked the Preds RR when they revealed it on the model, but seeing it on ice, it's just as ugly as the original jerseys. The gray/silver does not play well of that bright yellow especially in Bridgestone Arena, and I really don't like the hem striping.
  6. Maybe put a black drop shadow on the current like the original, replace the shoulder patches with bolt over Florida ones, and use shimmer silver instead of white and it's pretty damn close to perfect.
  7. Looking at the "new" Sens logo again (since I don't watch their games), it looks stuck in the 90's and not in a charming so ugly its good way. I get the nostalgia factor, but it has not aged any better since they decided to move on in 07. The new jerseys and logo only look good because its compared to the edge mess.
  8. I LOVE this RR Lightning look, the color balance is gorgeous. However they needed to use the matching gloves from the edge set. In the future I definitely would love to see something similar, but with a updated front crest that's not so dated. I forgot how much I liked the Florida shoulder patch too.
  9. Red Bull is pretty good as a sports brand, ignoring its financial/traditional implications in sports. A suggestion is possibly basing the helmet off the can design.
  10. Going to keep sharing with the DC Defenders. Main difference is the pants removing the stripe around the bolt, but this was one of the teams that started out with respectable uniforms.
  11. Also dropping the Dallas Renegades, basically brushing off the Arena Football look for something cleaner. Main difference is the new home uniform color. Overall I enjoy a brighter league where each teams' colors can pop off the screen.
  12. During this time of self-distancing, I have some more teams to share. Starting with a Tampa Bay Vipers update with some new pant detailing, and an additional yellow pants option.
  13. Just speaking from a former employee perspective here, maybe work in Norfolk into your rebrand rather than Virginia Beach considering they play 30 minutes away from Virginia Beach now. Additionally a USL League 2 side moved into their former stadium.
  14. So I worked on the Tampa Bay Vipers, and I will be the first to admit is a little unoriginal. I swapped the current St. Louis Template and adapted it it to the Vipers. Made the helmet gold, and emphasized the brighter green in a more tasteful way. The mediocre V logo us replaced by the snake head alternate.
  15. Here is a quick Battlehawks update with a pants stripe based off the sword.
  16. Next team I worked on was the St.Louis Battlehawks. I simplified their look down, to emphasize their great logo set and maintain color balance. I added a couple of pant options as well.
  17. Well here is an update of the LA Wildcats with updated scratch marks.
  18. I am back with some inspiration after finishing a marketing project on the new XFL. It got me thinking about what the XFL could look like in a non-templated world, and also led me to trace out a new football template. I started with the LA Wildcats, and immediately dropped the black. I mean they play outdoors in the springtime of Los Angeles and decided to wear black! Insted I moved orange to the primary, similar to the creamsicle bucs, with some modern elements. Most notably, "wildcat scratch marks," on the sleeves, and a dynamic striping pattern that reflects the logo. I plan to work on all 8 teams, and give more options to some teams if I see fit. .
  19. As Rays fan, I found this concept incredibly difficult. I never really consider the aesthetics of my own team, because inherently love my team. I took a step back and realized the current colors stand out in the league, but the rainbow gradients are also very sharp. I merged the two into something, I as a fan would be proud to wear.
  20. In the middle of a really busy week, but found time to scrap up a Giants concept. Pretty similar to what is currently worn. Biggest difference is the shoulder patch which is a diamond shape with the Golden gate bridge inside, and the SF logo placed at the bottom. Also took off the headspoon on the away, and brought back block lettering to the orange alt. The black alt follows the template of the grey alt.
  21. Like the direction you are going with UConn, the wordmark would be a good replacement for the husky head on the shirt to keep from being redundant.
  22. Cincy and Temple look great, maybe you could use a more sports oriented font for the names and numbers. Could even use the official school fonts as well, or try something new to match the uniform.
  23. No responses, so here are the Padres. I used the soon to be introduced brown and gold colors, and decided to mix both modern and classic styles. A fauxback set is included to compliment the main uniforms. Additionally, updated the camo uniform to match the current Navy uniform. While some hate it, they were the first to introduce one, and IMO was a great nod to the Navy community.
  24. I would replace the long soccer socks with maybe a style of stance or Nike basketball socks that would be more adept for Cornhole. Is a great start so far!
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