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  1. Nice, perfect amount of blue. Great update. Wanted to see the Wisconsin alternate logo on one of them tho
  2. I think some of you are overreacting, I think they look good. I do wish they kept the old "orange" color tho and the home jersey, man I wish they kept the white Numbers and Text. That has to be my biggest peeve. But besides that, I think it looks good. Good update, it's not like we're looking at the Jaguars or Buccaneers here.
  3. This a joke? Nike hasn't done United right for the better part of 5 years now...These two leaked away kits look super clean, the black one with the monochromatic crest looks awesome.
  4. Some look cool, wish it wasn't all Nike but hey good stuff.
  5. Patchez what can we as a community do for you to make Soccer Badges again? Is their anything you can do for us Soccer lovers?
  6. I think Patchez hates doing soccer logos, lol
  7. Hey bud, wondering if I can get this done? (but to say 2014 instead) So it can look like this..
  8. I never understood the fascination and love the Brazil kits got. They barely use green. Don't understand the White socks, they could at least change that to green if they will indeed make any changes.
  9. I don't hate their current uniforms. I like it. But the problem is the coloring is too plain. Add some white or blue outline to the away's and home's. They need to do so, it'd be that much sharper. Why don't the Cavs use these? I don't get it. Something like this - is what I'm talking about. They don't use the Navy on the uniforms. Use three colors instead of just two colors - but keep the design similar.
  10. Gorgeous looking game (uni wise) been waiting for Holland to wear white shorts and Argentina black bottoms. Looks so class.
  11. Maybe I'm one of the few, but I always loved the Brown's jersey's. I don't think they should change it up at all. Since they are, I hope they do something similair to what the Vikings did, just keep it cool. No need to go Bucs/Jags/Seahawks on us.
  12. Lovin France. Like the Portugal kit also. Best home kit we've had since 2006. Not to big on gradient, wish it was a solid color but I it love when Portugal has a wine-red kit. Wish we had gold font instead of white also.
  13. Oh I thought you were taking requests for logos from anywhere. I use them for wallpapers that other people request from me. Like I told you, I'm some-what efficient in Gimp but embroidering is something I have yet to master. SO whenever I can get my hands on stitched logos, my eyes light up. That Porto one is very difficult. I tried it before myself.
  14. Don't like doing Euro soccer logos Patchez?