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  1. Same here, I think that something could be done with the bear.
  2. Agree, you really came up with a fantastic upgrade here.
  3. Gold - 12 Silver - 6 Bronze - 13
  4. Gold - 1 Silver - 2 Bronze - 4
  5. Well, the crest seems so tiny... Is it just me?
  6. The Saint John Rovers Football Club is the merger of two teams: Saint John Field Club and Carleton Soccer Club. They have united in 1993 due to several financial problems and only kept a few youth teams until the creation of the NESL. Thus, they have one of the inexperienced squad for the inaugural season, although, they are catching up with their good infrastructure. After a vote, it was decided that the club logo will be black and white logo on the jersey for this first season to honor the Saint John FC who was playing under these colors and won various local cups.
  7. Here's the updates for the Sporting. I'll post the next team (from New Brunswick) soon.
  8. Well, I'm not so sure to come back to it Rinoliro, I guess that I'm rather going to create other threads like this one, with specific located leagues. The next one will probably be centered around the middle Atlantic states (DC, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and both Virginias) since I've done some concepts that I like in this area. And indeed Papadopoulos, I had already registered Nashua (with Concord, Dover, Exeter, Hanover, Keene, North End - Manchester - and Londonderry) as a pretender to host a second division team. No doubt I'll retain two New Hampshirite cities for this tier. For the Sporting, I liked the idea of ​​having a long name on the logo to be in accord with this notion of ​​prestige and seniority, even if their usual appellation is much shorter. What's wrong with the grammar (I really don't know, as English is not my mother thongue)? Also, I prefer that teams keep a trace of their city/town/borough in their name instead of a bigger area like a county/state/region. I'm not a big fan of names like SC Portugal, Celtic FC or New England Revolution...
  9. Well, what if I post a recap' with all the logo (and they're going to be uncovered) and the end of the NESL I, would it be okay Rinoliro? For the Whalers' font, I spent a lot of time on it without being totally satisfied when it was finished. I'll rework it. And the 3D look-alike is a good idea, I just have to practice my skills with shadows and I'll post a rerebrand!
  10. Firstly known as the New Bedford FC in 1913, they took the nickname Whalers in 1915. They stopped their activities in 1918 until another club of the same name was created in 1924 and merged into Fall River FC in 1931. However, a third New Bedford Whalers was active from 1931 to Fall 1932. The Great Depression has seriously jeopardized the existence of the Whalers and we will not see any sign of life until 2008, where an investor recreated the club for a fourth time, with the hall of fame of the previous Whalers making it one of the most important clubs of the NESL.