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  1. Why would they change the name? They haven't yet
  2. its cool looking, but the thing i like most about the current set is the logo is basically the outline of the state, I think thats really going the extra mile, and its obviously unique
  3. i wonder why the idea of the musical staff has never been used, like this: keep in mind i cant even draw stick people, so the art is terrible, but its the idea thats cool, or not?
  4. i suppose you can make whatever you want
  5. so everyone flipped over the LA Stars, I really thought the one that people would be up in arms over was the Idaho Spuds ... I chuckle every time i think about it
  6. lots to chime in on first, the nfl would NOT change its name if they moved into London, Toronto, Mexico City, Tokeyo, or Luxemburgh. The NHL and NBA are both international, so just let that go. second, the St Louis ducks?????? im gonna try and unsee that, really dude, thats just stupid though at least finally keeping a team in st louis seems ok now with the proposed teams in such population dense markets as calgary, oklahoma city, lincoln, and freakin bizmark.....really?
  7. they have a mlb turn forward the clock feel to them, certainly accomplishing the mission of crazy
  8. you get the Hollywood connection, right? also, other than a long defunct minor league baseball team, where is it used? in a lot of threads that I've read through involving LA, the Stars name always pops up. This name isn't original. And yes I gwt the Hollywood connection.Sorry, I thought you were referring to actual teams, not imaginary ones.
  9. you get the Hollywood connection, right? also, other than a long defunct minor league baseball team, where is it used?
  10. LA Stars Portland Lumberjacks Birmingham Barrons Orlando Pythons Bangor Owls Hartford Whalers Louisville Sluggers Des Moines Dusters Lincoln Rustlers Utah Rockets New Mexico Maulers Idaho Spuds Dakota Bandits Concord Railers Vermont Oaks
  11. this isnt your fault, wonka, but i hate the canucks whale logo, since day one. I liked the skate logo way better the stars are both cool, but if i had to vote, id pick B
  12. remember, im just a fan and critic, not an artist Diques ~ amazing, love the contrast in color. Did you try doing their third in the "helmet grey" color? wonder how that would look. Blues~ My team! Love the colors, and the simplicity, but, on the thirds, there is no blue note...seems kinda like sacrilege Sharks~ Love how you modernized it, without bastardizing it....take note tampa bay buccaneers Totems~ Brilliant work, the supersonic colors is a great homage, but just wondering if the space needle could be incorporated somehow? Bolts~ this might be the best set of the bunch hard to believe the next batch is the end, Toronto, Utah, Vancouver, Washington, and Winnepeg
  13. i wonder why its called a roundel, and not just round? --Between the two, I love the round crest but i like the centered blue note and the arch, but i prefer the one without the arch to the one with the off centered blue note. so that said, I guess my vote is for the first one
  14. i like the 1st one, can you make the stripes thinner and across the note, which would obviously be more musical in nature
  15. ok, im not artist at all, only a critic, but i have a ridiculous idea. The Norfolk Admirals is a great idea, great look, and the usual high standard of all your concepts. Would it be too hard to incorporate the "shape" of the state of virginia into the bottom the logo, replacing the "s-like swoop" ??? I dunno that might not even be possible, but I always have liked those types of subtle homage to cities/states, like the Panthers NFL logo for example which is basically the outline of the state of South Carolina. Ottawa's logo is better than the current for sure, and even better than the original relaunch logo, the uni's are WAY better than current. Philly - like you said its only slight tweaks, but I might like to see less black in the 3rd, maybe. Pitt- again subtle changes, look great! Portland is fantastic! Love the concept, the colors, the sawblade theme, and the chevron, its all top shelf like all of the work presented here! also!!! St. Louis is coming soon!