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  1. I can't believe this thread isn't getting more love. These are all really good. Love the Nats switching to the DC full time. The only thing that stuck out for the Nats was the white bill on the spring training set. Navy bill would make it prime.
  2. For Pittsburgh, I love the I-beam style numbers (probably should've kept them white on the home) but I wouldn't have strayed from the iconic steeler stripe. Alternate stripe is kinda slick even though it might be too much to go beyond the shoulder cap.
  3. The first one definitely looks the best of the 3, but I had a different look in mind with the combination of straight and wavy stripes.
  4. that steelers set is hittin different. would love to see these on the field. great work
  5. i think the pattern could work for white and grey but maybe not on the orange. not a fan of the blue pattern on the orange either. maybe try going in a different direction and overall design for the orange.
  6. This is an awesome era mash up. Looks great so far. Can’t wait to see all the possiblities. Hope there’s more to come.
  7. I think an orange outline around the logo and some orange to the stripes would be cool
  8. Could you make a kit for the 76ers that has the iverson era woodmark/color scheme?
  9. Well... if the thread hasn't been posted in in 3 months and the OP hasn't even been on since December, I'd say no. Fantastic start to the board BTW.Sorry man I was trying to make anyone mad