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  1. Wow! I wasn't expecting KC to win. I really thought Boston had it. Thank you Crows! New York appreciates you playing spoiler!
  2. Well that was some interesting games to say the least. I really hope the Whales are somehow able to defeat Boston. I think Boston will win it this year though unfortunately. I was really counting on Chicago winning it all instead.
  3. Well I shouldn't be surprised about New Yorks piss poor season, but I am... Looks like they have the 4th pick in the draft. Is there any player they are targeting in the draft that they might be able to draft at 4 or move up to get? If Adam's plays again, I'd like to see him go to a contender and try to get a ring. NY has to rebuild.
  4. I love the storylines you come up with! How the scandal and collapse of the USFA ripples into the AFA is great! I was wondering how it was gonna go down. I'm glad it wasnt just a simple "the league is poor, attendance and viewership dropped, the end". I am looking forward to what becomes of Atlanta. I am also hoping that New York or New Jersey are getting in on signing star players from the USFA!
  5. The updated uniforms look great. I actually really like Bostons look. Reminds me of the NY Jets a little bit. Maybe they will play like them, that'd be great! As far as no VB Logo or fields, I understand. Its disappointing because I know the 90s was the start of the great SB logos that started to reflect where the game was played. Rather than just red white blue shield with SB XXV or what not. But you gotta do what is best for you. Just know that theres no rush on our part for you to get material published. This isnt your job so take your time.
  6. The new Texas look is awesome! Compared to the old set, it looks like they woke up out of a dark and gloomy haze. The uniforms also remind me of the 90's 49ers. Nice work!
  7. Congrats to Cincinnati. That is a tough way to lose! I wonder if this loss will dwell on Houston and they have a playoff drought for a bit.
  8. The field looks awesome with the sidelines painted to honor Krause! I would've put the VB script further away from mid field, maybe the 25 yard line. Looks a bit crowded at midfield with the AFA logo and VB scripts. Still a great looking field though! I would like to see Houston get revenge, but I have a feeling Cincy wins. Maybe closer than the last rematch. But you never know, maybe Houston is like the Denver Broncos. When the Broncos lose the Super Bowl, it's been pretty ugly.
  9. I shouldn't be to disappointed about the Imperials, I had a feeling theyd blow it. It is still upsetting though. I think Adam's is destined to be the AFA Dan Marino.
  10. I am really nervous about this game against Boston... Always tough playing a division rival in the playoffs... NY better get it done! In 1990 the Red Sox were still cursed and the Patriots went 1-15.. Oh and the Giants won the Super Bowl! So Lets Go Imperials!!!!
  11. Exciting season for the Imperials! And I am glad Krause didnt end his career in disaster. I hate him and the Miners, but I still respect him. Just glad to see him go!
  12. I agree about the Coal Fields staying the same name. I can see the street it's on being renamed after him, but it would be like the Bears renaming or god forbid tearing down Soldier Field. As far as my Imperials, I'm a little hopeful of the next QB. It is great that he is able to learn under Adam's. I just really want Adam's to go out on top like Elway!
  13. I finally caught up again after taking a break. I second the J Peterman Ad! I love that show! Great stuff as always, cant wait until the playoffs!
  14. Exciting turn of events! My Imperials worry me. I am glad that ownership is all in on winning now, but this seems like a gamble. I know our star QB only has maybe 2 seasons left, and I would love him to get a ring. After he is gone, they could be in QB hell until they find their new franchise QB.
  15. Wow! Those Warriors uniforms look awesome! I am so excited to see what the 90's brings in both leagues. For the VB logo, I like the left the best. Without reading your post and my first glance, I thought the logo on the right was a hurricane. The one in the middle I am not a fan of. I don't think Florida when I look at it, it looks more Arizona inspired to me. I am really excited to see what you have coming now that it seems this post is gaining some speed again!