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  1. These are awesome! The only two critiques I have is Superbowl XV looks like the Eagles won. I immediately thought this was the SB they beat the Patriots when I saw the green with the black. And SB XXV the Giants weren't using the ny at the time. Their logo was the GIANTS underlined. Great work though, I wouldn't have thought to put these on hockey pucks!
  2. For the 100th season, and with these 2 classic teams facing each other, the NFL has an awesome opportunity to have a classic looking field. If the Chiefs use the endzone they had at their conference game, and the 49ers use theirs, that would be an awesome field. But we all know it will be red vs red, probably the same shade too so they can save money. This is why I was really hoping for a packers - chiefs sb.
  3. The St Paul set is awesome! I love the blue and green scheme. I also like the fact that there are not a lot of teams that make the post season. I hate that in the NBA over half of the teams in the league make it to the playoffs.
  4. I have been following this thread for a while, just never seem to comment on it. This latest update with San Antonio is awesome! I love the black and purple scheme. I personally like the secondary logo better than the primary and think the secondary would look better on the hat. But thats just my opinion. Great job!
  5. I love the Wind Sox. Classic name that is very creative. The logos and uniforms are also well executed. Only suggestion would be to put the sock logo on a sleeve of the home jersey since there is a logo on the away sleeve. Nice job!
  6. I like Nashville a lot! The note in the N I agree looks forced. I would also like to see a logo using the Blues wordmark. I love that script, I think a logo using that script would look great. Keep up the great work.
  7. Not a bad looking set. Like others have said about the hat suggestions, I think that could work. Nice job!
  8. Nice update to San Fran! I really like that championship jersey for opening day! I also loved that you posted the standings so far up to the ASG. Keep up to good work!
  9. San Fran looks good. That field is sick! I like the logo, I would just do as suggested by others, put the SF on the cap instead of the primary logo. And the opening day jersey I agree needs more gold. To me it doesnt really look much different from the original home jersey. I was expecting a gold jersey, not white.
  10. I just came across this thread today and I have to say I am pretty impressed! This reminds me of the History of a fictional football league thread by Veras. I am just curious if after you are done finalizing all the teams, do you plan on showing a season by season final standings/playoffs and championship? I think it would be cool to see the history of the league. The description of each team is very well thought out and makes you want to read more! Well done.
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