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  1. A few things: 1) They WILL have a one-off jersey for warm-ups, so it'll likely be a navy practice jersey with the fisherman logo. 2) Sleeves need to match. 3) Helmet straps are either white or black. 3) For a white version, switch the order of the stripes so that you avoid a white stripe on white sleeve. 4) Download Paint.net, it's a free program that is much better than MS Paint but not quite as good as Photoshop. 5) I LOVE the idea of using the Fisherman for one GAME. Not just a warm-up. Because had the Isles not had the success in the 80s, you'd still be seeing that logo today, if not just replaced with a throwback, i.e. Buffalo.
  2. Not bad. I do think your shoulder yoke is too wide on the template, though, and the alternate can use a touch of red. I emailed my concept for that same competition. What do you think?