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    Avid hockey, Mets, NY Jets, NY Rangers, Calgary Flames fan. Avid fantasy sports player.
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    current NY Jets logo, NY Mets ball/skyline logo, NY Rangers shield and Statue of Liberty shield, Calgary Flames' horse head, The Brooklyn Dodgers "B," Team Canada hockey, the Tre Kroner
  1. Actually the intent was to start a fantasy league on here but I don't meet the criteria so I was trying to see if I can start one and then move it onto here. I never intended to offend or upset anyone. I also didn't know that having a non-sanctioned league mentioned on here was such a faux pas. I saw what Crash had done with his Gridiron Football Alliance and assumed that's how it was done. (Before I get accused of stealing someone else's idea, I spoke to him about it and invited him to help) I did attempt to get in touch with whomever posted the Fantasy Sports Rules in that forum but never received a response. So yes I may have gone about this the wrong way but I honestly meant no harm. And, since this is not the place to do this, could you point me in the right direction? This thread has clearly upset numerous fans of the page. (I apologize in advance if this seems arrogant/smug but I don't know any other way to say it) Apparently noobs aren't allowed to try something new on this page.
  2. I would like to apologize for my outbursts I clearly put this in the wrong forum. What Forum should this've been in? Also, before I move this to said forum, we still have 2 expansion spots open and are looking for someone to take over a franchise
  3. Site seems to be working again I dunno what the issue was but it looks It looks as if it's back up
  4. Yes I can't do anything about it now unfortunately I'll have it up n running by late tonight/tomorrow morninf
  5. I don't know I won't be home till late tonight so I won't have an answer til then
  6. Wasn't directed at you but at the lat critic and future critics
  7. There are threads on the site addressing it and I'll be on shortly to help out
  8. And thanks for all the negativity guys I didn't know that you joined this as an expert So we might be newer at this than you but instead of insulting us why not give a few pointers? Didn't someone help you at some point? I mean, you can't be arrogant internet :censored:s all the time, right?
  9. I dunno. It was a sudden departure so we have to figure it out as a league.
  10. Ignore him! For a first try with Inkscape it's good. If you want help on how to tweak it, lemme know ok? And on another note... The Mountain Region is open once more!
  11. I would love to see the Liberty logo switch places with main logo (main on shoulders and liberty on the front). That's the one that SHOULD'VE been chromed for the Stadium Series. Otherwise, awesome jersey.
  12. Maybe outline the blue in black? The letters get lost on the white jersey