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  1. Sorry about that, all fixed now
  2. So I've finally done something I've been pondering about for the past year or so. I made an entire fantasy football league where each team is made up only from players in a given state/region. It's a different way of using fantasy and it seemed like something that could be interesting to see as the season played out. I went through pro-football-reference.com and looked through each player birthplace states to find players for each team. The beginning rosters were not permanent, I have changed each variously throughout the year as I found out some players produce more points than others. Each Wednesday I go through and edit each teams rosters and it's actually been quite interesting to watch week to week. Here's a list of the team I decided to use: East Division: Dixieland Rebels (Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee) Florida Hurricanes Georgia Swampers Great Lakes Bucks (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin) Mid-East Islanders (Delaware, D.C., Kentucky, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia) New England Pilgrims (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont) New Jersey Sea Dragons Pennsylvania Colonials West Division Big Sky Ranchers (Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington) California Surfers Great Plains Bison (Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma) International Travelers (All non-USA areas) Louisiana Gators Ohio Harvest Rocky Mountain Bighorns (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming) Texas Gunslingers Here's a look at the current standings. It may surprise you how each region is doing, as well as what players are on each team and how each team did against each other. http://games.espn.com/ffl/standings?leagueId=704917&seasonId=2018 Let me know what you think of this little experiment, or if you know of any improvements I could make for next season.
  3. UMass all the way up to #4 now. Arizona State is also now ranked.
  4. Northern Michigan vs. BGSU was quite a chippy game. Northern Michigan players took a lot dirty shots and refs didn't call much on them. BG had the clear shot total advantage and still couldn't find the back of the net once. Northern Michigan scored off a poor BG line change and when BG had two in the penalty box.
  5. Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett, Cameron Reddish, there are 3 superstars just at Duke This years draft may be even better than last years. Very solid upper-classmen as well
  6. Can't wait for all those great mid-majors to be left out of the tournament
  7. Why play best of 7 to begin with? Why didn't leagues find it suitable to play best 5 or even 3? I understand current regards to revenue and marketing, especially television, but historically why play so long? I do know the World Series used to be best of 9 so is this the improvement?
  8. Cleveland Glenville on 3 year post season ban for recruiting violations. Has been a powerhouse, would have been in the northwest district, despite their obvious northeast geography.
  9. I'd buy a USL team that is struggling the most and move them to Toledo. I'd make a four corner bowl type stadium that's partly in ground like the baseball stadium there is. I'd have a few nice press boxes on one side and a nice scoreboard behind goal.
  10. Create an Olympic style game to be competed by the states. All 50 states plus washington DC and overseas territories are represented. All the same sports will be played and all the best athletes will be represented. Each state gets to send at least one participant to games even if the qualifying standard is not met and each state can have upto 4 participants in individual sports and only one for each team sport. A state is not required to put someone in an sport if they have no athletes. It will be open to professionals, not just amateurs. To compete for a state you must have been born there or lived there for at least 10 years or be a current resident. You must declare which state you are representing and only have one opportunity to change states if necessary (however you can not change back). I think it'd be a great way to create sometype of national competition and competitiveness and would just kinda be cool to see.
  11. Instant replay is no longer allowed for any sports. The only camera angle used for broadcats will be the typical main one from the sidelines and endlines. Games can go back to "we got robbed" or "we got a break". This especially for baseball and football. Poker shall never be on any sports tv channel ever again. All the pointless talk shows will be off air and replaced with actual live sports taking place even if the sport is not "main stream" or show real journalism shows like OTL or E60 or show vintage style documentary shows Have All Star weekend games for the NFL like longest field goal, fastest 40, one on one recieving, and others to be played in the stadium the day before the all star game Eliminate the MLS superdraft Have an NFL track meet where each team gets to send an athlete for the 100m, 110m hurdles, 200m, 400m 800m, mile, long jump, high jump, shot put, discus and javelin. As well as the 4x100 and 4x400 relay. An athlete can be in up to three events. The first day will be 4 prelim races/field events with the winner of each and the next four best overall moving on to the second day. It will also be scored like a track invite and the winning team will get an incentive I have yet to decide (better draft pick, host all star weekend, something like that) Also have team scoring in the Olympics and world championships for track and field as well as allowing any group to be able to break a world record even if not all from the same country
  12. College Hockey realignment: Conference 1- Alaska Alaska-Anchorage Arizona St Air Force Denver Colorado College Conference 2 - Northern Michigan Alabama-Huntsville Omaha North Dakote Bemidji State St Cloud St Minnesota St Minnesota Duluth Michigan Tech Lake Superior St Ferris St Conference 3 - Wisconsin Michigan Minnesota Ohio st Michigan st Penn st Conference 4 - Notre Dame Western Michigan Miami BGSU BC UCONN UMass Army Conference 5 - Cornell Harvard Princeton Yale Dartmouth Brown Conference 6 - Robert Morris Niagra Canisus Colgate Vermont Quinnipiac Providence Sacred Heart Conference 7 - Mercyhurst RIT Clarkson Union St Lawrence American International RPI Bentley Merrimack Conference 8 - Holy Cross Boston Maine New Hampshire Umass-lowell Northeastern
  13. I think the NFL does the best job as a whole. Playing 16 with 6 being intra division the emphasis on winning a division is key and havin two wild cards is ideal for instances when a team has a losing record but still wins the division. The only complaint is the extra week in between conference chanpionships and the super bowl.
  14. Yes both do, as well as Akron. Eastern Michigan and Buffalo are other MAC schools with a team. Very surprised Toledo doesn't have team considering the town is hockey crazy. Although their minor league team would end up serving that necessity I guess.
  15. I think aesthetically for me it's nice seeing schools that are division one in all sports playing each other in hockey just because of the familiarity with the schools but it is nice to see colleges you may not know if it wasn't for hockey. Also, there are definitely schools in Ohio that could have division hockey programs. Would be really cool to see the MAC have hockey
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