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  1. I would definitely like to see the browns return to their lighter colors. Even if the brown stays dark, would look much better with the lighter orange.
  2. St. Louis is actually the one with the leverage. It's now or never. And if this looks good for the league St. Louis gets it.
  3. Jerry Jones has at least shown some novelty for the AAF. Putting a team in Frisco and having him run/profit from it might work. Plus, I doubt he particularly likes the XFL setting up shop down the street from AT&T Stadium.
  4. The problem is, same as the AFL had, you'd need to book eight stadiums for the same day because the CBS broadcast is already set. This is what necessitates the neutral site booked in advance. But they don't want to favor one of the two teams if the host makes it. So it's elsewhere. As for the Star, it's because Jerry Jones has tried to find anything to play there. Frisco ISD already plays their 8 teams there and Toyota Stadium, and many playoff games there. A couple years ago the Geico Bowl was there. It's a great venue, just small.
  5. Wait... You hate the jersey because a phrase the creator used in a tag line of his tweet?
  6. Partly because the orange is now darker. Go back to the old orange. And someone who posted the Garcia era unis with orange pants. Way too shiny. Didn't look like the 80s look.
  7. Someone further in the discussion brought up that the white pants had three colors and the rest had two. I'd be in favor of actually having two white pants, depending which jersey they're paired with. Either orange white orange or brown orange brown.
  8. Running the risk of going into concepts. Here's someone that did a mockup of the color rush in all three colors and to mix and match:
  9. That's a hard no from me. The color rush work because the lack of white there.
  10. They didn't have the entire seating open for USL games. Tarped over the corners up high. Only a few friendlies and Open Cup games did they open it up all the way. This was the largest crowd they can fit this season.
  11. CBS only switched their Sunday game on CBSSN and switched it to CBS on Saturday. B/R Live is now doing the Sunday afternoon game.
  12. And yet that's the takeaway the last regime had when devising these new uniforms and "logo". I'd say more than 90% of fans agree with your position. Same as mine. I'd like to either go with the Brownie or a dawg logo for merchandise and keep the helmet blank orange with just stripes. I'm sick of buying shirts or hats that just show an orange helmet as our logo.
  13. Honestly with the way the Browns have been using the color rush on Twitter and how they even used the jersey for OBJ's announcement, making it, using it on television shows about it, etc. I think the team has, or at least leveraging the league to let them.
  14. The thing with Miami is that Beckham was basically guaranteed a team long before the league became profitable expanding. And the longer they go without starting the more valuable that unrealized team becomes. Honestly, Ft. Lauderdale isn't a bad spot. It's just not what Beckham wanted. As for NYCFC, the league just wanted the Yankees and Manchester City to invest. This is like a Revolution situation. The owner controls the venue so being in a horrible soccer venue isn't an issue.