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  1. Also, remember the first version Vince had every intention of a second season. But by partnering with NBC meant he had to take over their half and then find a TV partner. UPN and TNN were in favor of a second season but UPN made a power play by demanding Smackdown be shrunk to 90 minutes so they could put one of their other shows as a lead in or after. But Vince refused and decided to just end it. Now that it's just his play thing, I expect two years minimum. It would have to be horrifically bad today for live sports broadcasting to not have an audience. It's one of the few things in television to draw live. Even AAF missed the boat and saw more games scheduled for CBS and TNT after the fact. His goal is to build numbers to then demand money on the next go. And that's when he'll decide whether to continue or not. Meanwhile ESPN and fox get cheap programming.
  2. Such a horrible name (trash pandas is fine, rocket city is fine, but it's a lot to put them together). But they execute the fun, clever aspect with the logos and what not. Making the racoon an astronaut just works. So so well. Especially the trash can spaceship. It's so dorky but you can't help but love it.
  3. Very good chance it was due to a lack of officials. Some weekends there are too many home games in am area and not enough officially available for them. So it's either Thursday or Saturday depending whether that area is okay playing Saturdays. Some states it's practically sacrilege to play on Saturday.
  4. Since it's not color rush anymore using the orange socks look so much better.
  5. I wish the team would have used the brownie elf logo they had a decade ago as the primary merchandise logo. But it's clear the team never saw that more than a novelty. Mostly because when they survey fans is always "we don't want a logo on the helmet" means we want the helmet on merchandise.
  6. It depends on your background. Someone from Texas would find it odd you'd say that. Someone from New York City where hs football isn't even allowed to be attendance at most games would probably completely agree with you. But outside big cities, your high school teams are the closest thing to having a team represent you. A Friday night in an area where high school football is a thing is just different. Many big cities, especially east coast, just don't have that draw. Too much to do and most games are probably Friday afternoon or Saturday mornings due to bad neighborhoods around those cities. Moving the games from night are to alleviate those issues. As for declining participation, sport specialization has a role in it. Plus where football is most popular is also where the population is declining and schools that are usually very small are seeing a lack of numbers. A school with 50 boys in it is going to have issues fielding a team. No matter what. In texas the 6-man teams regular face week to week issues with being able to play because they might only have 7 or 8 players already. Pointing out that tiny private schools hurt by the economy have seen enrollment school wide drop which results in football participation dropping isn't that surprising. Ashtabula St. John (Urban Meyers Alma mater), Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans, Toledo Christian, Sandusky St. Mary's Central Catholic, and Elyria Open Door Christian all have fallen to 8 man football. Bishop Donahue and Bellaire St. John Central, two private schools on opposite sides of the Ohio River by Wheeling both closed recently. SJC only had 10 kids in their last class before closing. They're not just choosing to end football. Most are barely struggling to stay open. Then you have tiny schools like Northgate, Cornell, and Duquesne who are sandwiched in between other more successful and wealthier areas that can't attract people. Crime. Lack of jobs in the borough. Then there rural Cameron County, Sheffield, Youngsville, Holgate, Vienna Mathews, etc who are just really small schools struggling to withstand the loss of jobs and people to the cities and suburbs while farm land requires fewer and fewer people and nobody stays. Every year in PA and NY there's co-op teams so multiple tiny schools can field sports teams. Including football. But because Ohio doesn't allow co-ops when one of their schools folds their team for the season it's a big story. In most other states they'd do what teams do every year. Call around and find a neighboring school to co-op. Some are short term small class issues. Some have been doing it for decades. PA just generally doesn't advertise that they're a co-op. Only three teams really even make it known. USO in Pittsburgh is a co-op of University Prep, Science and Tech, and Obama Academy. Also in district 9 you have Union/ACV and Ridgway/Johnsonburg, who split time between the team schools stadiums. Youngsville formed a coop with Warren. Sheffield to the east of Warren is probably facing the same fate. Though they currently have a coop with Abraxas. But it won't last and it's only a matter of time before the schools themselves go dark. Too rural and not enough young people popping out kids.. In New York Section 6 I can name : Clymer/Sherman/Panama Chautauqua Lake/Westfield Falconer/Cassadaga Valley Fredonia/Brocton Silver Creek/Forestville Maritime/Health Sciences East Aurora/Holland Bennett/Olmsted Eden/North Collins Franklinville/Ellicottville He may like making comments about schools ending programs due to numbers but he really doesn't understand that this had gone on for decades prior. It's just only noticeable in states that don't allow co-ops.
  7. Just a correction, but the title game was renamed to The Million Dollar Game.
  8. 4 million kids played football in 2017, and 13 died of direct or indirect causes. And yet each one is going to get some near giddy response from you. 37,133 peopled died from car crashes in 2017. A death per 100,000 rate of 11.4. Football has a rate of 0.3. And yet this is your crusade. You don't want to really talk about high school football which is the topic. Maybe start a football injury thread and move your discussion there.
  9. The orange disdain goes all the way back to the old unis when they introduced the dayglo orange jerseys. Fans bought them but they didn't look good on the field at all. Fans didn't like them and in market research by holmgren they went mono white for an entire season at one point. In a misguided throwback attempt. But brown is the popular color for fans to buy jerseys. More than any other color. And fans aren't exactly thrilled with the current brown jersey. The orange numbers just make it look cheap and haphazard with the up shadow. The color rush simplified a few of the flaws in the original unis the 2015 redesign didn't. Namely the sleeve striping (they already tried to fix it before 2015 by removing the spaces between the stripes), but with sleeves being nonexistent on most player jerseys today it looks like crap. The color rush jerseys have space limitations, but the single color stripes over the background jersey color make it less cluttered and the lack of white isn't as garish in the pattern.
  10. You're not a Browns fan. The orange isn't popular at all with fans. Brown or white is popular on the field and brown is popular for fan apparel.
  11. They have orange jerseys. They're not popular with fans.
  12. The AAF having NFL quality players is more an indictment of the NFL not able to correctly judge players for their NFL credentials than it says anything about lesser leagues hosting them before the NFL corrects their mistake. Because technically, the XFL was around when there was 31 NFL teams. Which means the XFL had 30 players beyond the NFL cutoff, but now the NFL counts 106 more players as "NFL quality" which means the AAF is counting players 54-62 beyond the same cutoff you're judging the XFL.
  13. Browns have an announcement scheduled for Wednesday. Major speculation by fans is the color rush jerseys.
  14. Wanted to shrink the post season. No more two leg rounds. Had to go with what ABC could give them. But had to be before that last fifa break. The midweek playoffs ensure television and maybe more viewers than going against NFL and college football on Saturday and Sunday. Since MLS Cup is the high seed hosts, need prep time than when it was a neutral site.