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  1. Minnesota is University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Minnesota-Duluth, and others are just, University of Minnesota Duluth, for example. Ohio's system is a bit strange. There's 14 major universities, and each one can have satellite campuses. Ohio State, Kent State, Akron, Cleveland State, Toledo, Bowling Green State, Miami, Central State, Shawnee State, Cincinnati, Wright State, Youngstown State, Ohio and Northeast Ohio Medical. The Ohio State University is the flagship university and campus in the entire system. Kent State has 7 other campuses all over northeast Ohio. Ohio has southeast Ohio. Ohio State has campuses in Central Ohio. And Cincinnati, and Miami have Few in southwest Ohio and BGSU has one other campus. But at least Ohio named the major colleges different names. And other "state" universities don't use the "Ohio State-Youngstown" style. And been those in the Ohio State or other umbrellas don't label the primary campus. Almost all the other campuses are named by their location. You just know Kent State is in Kent. But Kent State-Trumbull is in Trumbull County. But the University of Texas System actually calls the main campus the University of Texas at Austin. And there's been times state legislators, usually from other universities strong arming UT to stop using Texas as their school name for sports and use Texas-Austin. Like Texas-Arlington, Texas-San Antonio, UTPB, UTRGV or the most notable UTEP. But it has always fallen apart without anything happening.
  2. If Dick Pound was born today he'd be nicknamed Richie Hashtag. In Victorian England he'd have been Richard Octothorpe.
  3. Well, the AFL was on FS1 last night and at halftime they announced their season was suspended until at least May 31st. So much for live televised sports now. And other internationally televised leagues anywhere in the world continuing?
  4. If TV is one day going to be a big factor in their success, I can't see them giving up on the LA market. It's why Atlanta and Chicago are the rumored markets being looked at. And Chicago has Bridgeview sitting essentially open right now. And GSU is a decent city option the Legends had used and just hosted the state finals in Georgia this past year. Adding a San Diego team may work in the future though.
  5. Seeing it in practice, I think the size and style of C is what makes it look off. Maybe a larger C or smaller stripe to put a gap between the stripe and the end of the C. The white outline might work on a brown C,
  6. The gap in the stripe for the c bothers me. Run it behind the C and I think it'll look better. Brown outline of a white C, that is.
  7. Akron RubberDucks are the Perros Calientes. The hot dogs. And I think it's awesome.
  8. You're also forgetting... We're going to have a month long baby boom in 9 months.
  9. With TV production, scheduling, flights, etc, I can't imagine the game is just canceled or moved. A closed stadium seems most plausible.
  10. Anchorage Football Stadium. Seats 4500, hosts the state football finals.
  11. The league only makes money this year from tickets and sponsorships. So it would make sense to see them sell off the championship game name or presenting sponsor. And those joking about Bud Light.... May be showing my age but the Bud Bowl was a thing.
  12. Art Modell hated it and that's how we got the helmet as the logo. But when the Browns came back in 99, the discussion was logo. And it was either "don't really change anything from 95" or let NFL Properties go crazy and we'd get everything new. So they had to dig in on no logo. To keep the logo off the helmet.
  13. But even then, that's not the Browns original stripes. They got rid of the spacing between them for the AL version that you've posted. Similar to the packers photo you've shown. But one of the nice things about the color rush Browns letters was the use of only three stripes and being jersey or orange color, make it stand out less and look more like it's meant to be there.