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  1. Up next is Real Salt Lake: Home: Away:
  2. Thank you so much!
  3. Alright, I know this has been dead for a while, but I would like to finish this series. The first team up since the break will be the Portland Timbers: Home: The "Forest Lights" Kit Away: The "Pure Rose" Kit
  4. Up next is the Space City, Houston: Home: Away:
  5. FC Dallas is next: Home: Away:
  6. I love the away kit! Maybe you could add a small navy accent to one of the other kits, to tie them together?
  7. Next is Colorado: Home: Away:
  8. Next is Toronto, I went a little more risqué with these: Home: Based on the stylized maple leaf on their logo Away: Based on the flag of Toronto
  9. Next is Philadelphia Union: Home: Away:
  10. Thanks a lot!
  11. Next up, right on the other side of town, is the New York Red Bulls. Home: Away:
  12. Next up is New York City FC: Home: NYCFC's home jerseys are always pretty simple, so I struggled with finding something new. Away: Based on the NYC flag.
  13. I didn't know that, so i'll change the shorts/socks.
  14. I completely understand your point. If I could make logos, believe me, I would have made a better one. Wow. Thank you SO much. I'm very flattered. I understand. I'll change the sleeves and see if that works better. Makes sense. I didn't have a clear idea for this one. I'll work on it. You're right, again. Not sure what I'm going to do about it though... Right again. I'll see what I can do.
  15. Up next is the New England Revolution: Home: Away:
  16. Next up are the Montreal Impact: Home: Away:
  17. Next, the Columbus Crew: Home: Away:
  18. Next up, the Chicago Fire: Home: (Based on a traditional firefighter's uniform.) Away: Too much?
  19. Thank you!
  20. Makes sense, I'll change the shorts to solid blue. I'm assuming you mean making each color defined separately, and if so I'll work on that too.
  21. Next up is Orlando. While I definitely had a clear idea the home jersey, the away one is iffy... I'm wondering if people think it goes with the team or not. Home: Away:
  22. 1RinRin

    ACC Soccer Kits

    These are great concepts! I like the Clemson jerseys the best, but the GT away is brilliant. I love the hexgon fade idea.
  23. That could work, but I usually hate breaking the sash . I'll see what it looks like, though.
  24. Now for one the most decorated (ugh) teams in MLS: LA Galaxy Home: Pretty typical for LA (the shoulder is intentional) Away: Throwback time! (one with a box for the sponsor and one without)
  25. Wow. I'm surprised I missed the resemblance to LAFC. Now I feel really stupid. You're also right about the home kit. I'll try to add some sort of accent. Again, I feel stupid for not noticing that. I'll change it (maybe put it higher up on the shirt, since I really like the idea of having the Washington Monument on there). I went with black because I liked how it looked, but you're right, it isn't a very Vancouver-ish color. Maybe dark blue?