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  1. Wow... One of my favorites of the thread! nice work. next up: london knights
  2. Just a personal opinion: Love these concepts, but sometimes I think you should make it so that the pants aren't the same color as the jerseys. For instance, the teal-on-teal look for San jose could be improved IMO if they had white pants. I feel this way for many of the teams actually. Keep up the good work. I'm interested to see what comes next.
  3. Still to go we've got: Sarnia sting, peterborough petes, London knights, and Belleville Bulls. Great work so far.
  4. I love the third jersey – in terms of the H and A jerseys, I would probably switch up the striping pattern to something a little more conventional. please keep the jerseys coming, many of us are still following this!
  5. So much better. huge improvement – love these!
  6. Love the red jerseys, but I would like to see more red in the white jersey.
  7. I love the battalion ones, but my only concern is what color you would make the numbers. I feel like no matter what color they were they would just blend in to the back. Maybe red?
  8. The Bruins should be using that vintage jersey right now as their third.
  9. I'm not a huge fan of the wings on the Falcons' jerseys... feels a little too much like Oregon Ducks to me. Jets look good though.
  10. Love the green Wild one and also the Stars. I would even make the numbers on the stars one green with white outlines to emphasize the green.