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  1. Amazing! Best Christmas present! I'm pulling for Cleveland all the way.
  2. This is waaaay better than their current belt. Good job illwauk.Just about everything is better than the current belt. Good work tho!
  3. I"m not a huge fan of the Rock logo it seems a little clip art ish
  4. as much as i want to i just can't get behind the eagle wing on the helmet
  5. I feel like this is a very lazy. Think you need spice it up a bit and make more basebally? like marble said.
  6. Mexico South Korea Netherlands Nigeria
  7. Mexico Uruguay Bosnia South Korea Netherlands England Nigeria Portugal
  8. Group F 1.Nigeria 2.Bosnia and Herzegovina 3. Argentina 4.Iran Group G 1. Portugal 2. Germany 3.Ghana 4. USA Group H 1. Russia 2.Belgium 3.South Korea 4. Algeria Group C 1. Colombia 2. Japan 3. Greece 4. Ivory Coast
  9. Group A 1. Brazil 2. Cameroon 3. Mexico 4. Croatia Group B 1. Netherlands 2. Spain 3. Australia 4. Chile Group D 1. Costa Rica 2. England 3. Uruguay 4. Italy Group E 1. Ecuador 2. France 3. Switzerland 4. Honduras