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  1. I think you have succeeded in making the two teams that have the most inconsistent sets more inconsistent. The Giants look pretty good but your Cowboys are a miss in my book. Never liked the two different silvers and I don't think the silver helmet goes with your alternate. I realize you're trying to follow some rules but maybe try going in a direction that no one else has done for the Cowboys for an alternate.
  2. I was just about to add my two cents about the black jerseys but I will just second rickyISking. Great job on the Titans. Probably the best I've seen for them.
  3. At least this looks more like a deer. To make this better I would add more detail and turn the details you have into shapes instead of lines. For colors I would suggest green and brown if your sticking with deer.
  4. The gray half circle shape is supposed to be the shoulder detail.
  5. For the longest time I thought changing Washington's name was kinda petty. But now I think it should be changed. And warriors is such an easy switch. Been using that for my concept in the works. Not feeling the charcoal either though.
  6. I think 2 with a yellow W. So I guess that's option 4. Haha
  7. I think the mountain in the logo and on the jersey is a little much. Maybe go in a little different direction for the logo. Play around with some different shapes. Great start!
  8. I think you really captured a good identity on a lot of these teams and brought it out on realistic courts. The only one I wasn't sold on was Florida State. It's a little boring for such a bold brand.
  9. Love your work and the time and effort you put into it! Good luck on your last APRIL exam! I'm a teacher so I have a small understanding of how stressful that is. Sorry meant AP. Darn auto correct.
  10. gator71

    SG89's NFL Refresh

    Vikings? Bears? Packers? Saints? Falcons? Buccaneers? Panthers? Giants? Eagles? Redskins? Do I need to go on to the AFC? Haha. Please don't give up for lack of comments! I'm sure there are many lurkers out there admiring your work. I was once a lurker myself but that didn't mean that others ' works weren't worth doing.
  11. Great idea here! Currently working on something similar and you have a lot of the same places. As far as clemson goes it is part of the Greenville media market which is the 36th largest in the u.s. and larger than 4 NFL teams. So whether you meant it or not that would be a great place for a pro/semi - pro football team.
  12. I get what you are doing with bare sidelines for Detroit but I think you should add a white background. At least on the ends to help the wordmark pop. Great improvements by the way!
  13. It looks good. My rival in high school used the same logo and had those colors. I honestly think the Falcons should drop the black.
  14. gator71

    SG89's NFL Refresh

    Since you don't want to mess too much with tradition I would love to see what you could do with the Titans or Panthers.
  15. I like the helmet with the horn and the laser stripe. I've been working on a Bills set with the same idea. Great work as always!