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  1. I think he's ditching the overuse of 'X' Having the ManiaX change to the Southern, for example and I get the hint that the Xtreme endure only by popular demand, he indicated that he wanted to rebrand them as the 'LA Royals' All the designs are great, though the XFL Texans need a name change, the NFL will sue claiming trademark on the name. 'San Antonio Desperados' could work, just as an example. Just a dumb thought, since Hartford CT is WWE HQ, shouldn't the the Whalers be the 'Wrestlers' ? I can understand the choice on Whalers, this notional XFL is more than likely distancing itself from it's parent after the marketing disaster during the first season. 'Hartford Rabid Panda's' as a "TakeThat!" to the Wildlife Fund could've been a fun alternate name direction.