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  1. I like this look too. Its a modern look but it keeps other elements of the uniform simple.
  2. Huh? A Griffin for the Tribe!? I get they wanna be all PC and everything, but this makes no sense to me... Yep, a Griffin...because the NCAA objected to a feather.To expand on this: We used to be the Indians, with a WM logo with two feathers. The name was banned by the NCAA, so we switched to Tribe under the idea that it isn't referring specifically to Indians or any culture. That was OK, but the feathers had to go. So the school conducted a poll where alumnus could submit names. The 5 finalists were a pug, a wren (There's a famous building on our campus called the Wren building), a king and queen (A dual-mascot), a phoenix, and, of course, the griffin. President Reely chose the the Griffin because it has the body of a lion (William and Mary was chartered by Queen Mary and King William, the lion was the royal seal of Britain) and the body of an eagle (America's animal, and since countless founding father's and three Presidents went there WM played a huge role in the founding of America). Plus, Griffin's are often the guardians of treasure and WM is a treasure (President's words, not mine). And, Griffins are awesome and WM is awesome (Again, President's words, not mine). And despite the fact that Griffins have wings and feathers, WM is not allowed to put feathers on their logo. Because the NCAA makes sense The King and Queen would have been much better imo. I like this Colgate logo. Drake has a cool one as well Eastern Washington:
  3. Can someone explain to me Northwestern's logo. I always look at it and feel there must be something I'm missing as to why a big chunk of N just isn't there. If its purely for stylistic reasons I don't like it.
  4. I like the Bird and UNF logo. Not a huge fan of the word mark.
  5. I kinda hate whole "the beach" branding. It sounds nothing like a sports team or even a university. If you at least brand it as "Long Beach" it seems to actually reference a specific place, instead of just an abstract beach.
  6. This matchup truly does look awesome.
  7. The logo looks too cluttered imo.
  8. What if, say, a cloud passed over and a player doesn't need their sunglasses? It happens. The fact that it covers up the cap logo really isn't a good reason.Yeah that policy makes no sense. Clouds happen. The policy makes perfect sense, considering the players exist for the sole purpose of modeling merchandise. That's why they make flip up glasses. Look at any 80s baseball card and you'll see them in use. Not sure when Oakleys became the style. Wearing them on the cap not only obstructs the logo (which I don't care about, but I get why MLB does) but presents a minor hazard since they can fly off during a play. I think the league would like to heavily market their product to that vital 18-49 year old demographic and if players looking dorky in flip-up sunglasses cause those people to think those players are not cool, it might hurt apparel sells more.
  9. I like the "I" logo more than the C. There isn't enough contrast to make the C stand out.
  10. Not a fan of royal and yellow. I think navy and yellow is the best color combination out of the navy/royal and gold/yellow combinations.
  11. Part of the impromptu parade after the Boston Bomber was caught.
  12. The BC hawk looking thing is pretty awful... They should get rid of that logo.
  13. Not only the shorts that are different colors on each side but also that there is a U in front of Albany.
  14. I don't like how WF's schedule is so small on there. You would think that a schedule poster would still need to adequately display the schedule.