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  1. I personally feel that the two examples I left up are well done. First of all, the stars employ kelly green, a color that is sorely underused in all of the major sports. And the wild away sweaters are a bold and distinct look.
  2. If I had photoshop, I'd whip something up in 5-10 minutes that would far outclass this drivel.
  3. New Jersey Devils Home, Road, Throwback unis please.
  4. Pretty much this design for the Devils (Stanley Cup) and the Giants (Super Bowl), and make a Yanks one (World Series) with just the core four titles (96, 98, 99, 00, 09).
  5. Can you update the old Kansas City Scouts logos? The top one was the primary crest, and the bottom one was apparently a secondary logo, at least according to the page on sportslogos.net
  6. As much as I want to see the Red and Black back in action for the Sabres, I hunk the best route would be to just remake the old buffalo head jerseys. Same crest, but in the current team colors. like this image:
  7. As a Devils fan, I think the set is a little too much, but I would love to see the helmet in action.
  8. Most underrated has to be the Minesota Wild. Once you realize it's also a bear's head, it's like taking the red pill in The Matrix Most overrated has to go to any of the teams in the NBA with a basketball in their primary logo. We get it people. You play BASKETBALL. In the National BASKETBALL Association. Where you use a BASKETBALL. BASKETBALL.
  9. Tone the green down a little, and add some red and beige as outline colors IMHO. Just looks too jarring right now.
  10. The one thing I don't like is the circle crest in the center. I would have just made it a panther's head, but larger. Other than that, a fantastic set. 9.5 out of 10 if I had to rate it right now.
  11. Could you update the Jonathan Dayton Bulldogs? Just for reference, their uniform looks like this: