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    For everyone looking for the baseball template: All credit goes to Tim O'Brien.
  2. I think the darker colours on the mug look better than the lighter versions that Conrad posted.
  3. I remember seeing your work and was amazed by your template and presentation. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Tonight marks the lowest attendance figure the Leafs have reported in their 16 year history at the ACC. It seems that the lovely people in the GTA have finally realized that severely overpriced tickets for a god-awful team isn't worth it anymore.
  5. Decided to throw my hat in the ring...
  6. First things first: I don't think a NFL team would ever use a college team's proprietary font. But other than that, it looks pretty solid. You made a few minor changes that made a pretty solid difference.
  7. This is an actual issue now.1) Lupul didn't take kindly to that and called TSN the poor man's TMZ over Twitter. 2) I guess James Duthie apologized on air, I don't know as I wasn't watching. 3) The guy who tweeted it said it was a joke and didn't think it would get on tv. 4) A law firm representing Lupul, Phaneuf and Elisha Cuthbert (Phaneuf's wife) are seeking an apology and damages from TSN (and allegedly the guy who tweeted it). Bonus round) This isn't the first time TSN's tweet to screen system filter didn't work. Last year's draft there was a tweet shown that said Leon "The Final Solution" Draisaitl. Lupul's week of goodies on social media has continued... The guy he's commenting towards remarked something very similar to the tweet in the quoted post, however went into much greater detail. Go. Leafs. Go.
  8. The Leafs are currently playing the Florida Panthers. Roberto Luongo got hurt earlier in the game, and left Al Montoya to take his spot. Montoya hurt his groin on the second Leafs' goal, and is essentially playing on one leg at the moment. He had to leave the game at one point. The Florida Panthers' goalie coach is suited up right now. Seriously.
  9. Yup. There's many things to be irked about when you're a fan of this team and quite frankly, I think it's making many of them, myself included, wondering if we'd rather just buyout the rest of our interest and go find something else or some other team to spend our time and energy on. It's taken you this long to feel that way? Sometimes when you love a team for a long time, you are blind to ineptitude. Trust me, I know. I'm a Flyers fan. Co-signed, - Every Edmonton Oilers fan born after 1990.
  10. If only Heatley got traded to the Oilers...
  11. When did Devan Dubnyk get good? I remember him being awful as an Oiler.In 5 years as an Oilers, Devan appeared in 171 games, starting 157. He accumulated a record of 61-76-21, with a .910 GAA, and a 2.88 GAA. He recorded 8 shutouts. According to Hockey Reference, he made a total of 77 quality starts. So a solid 49% of his starts. Yikes. Also, as an Oilers fan, I can remember his positioning generally being terrible. Seeing him excel as he has this season has been very, very upsetting (even more than being an Oilers fan...) When did Devan Dubnyk get good? I remember him being awful as an Oiler.Same can be said for almost all of their current players too. I'd like to say something about this to defend my favourite team, but I legitimately can't.
  12. Congratulations to all of the nominees, and a big thank you to all of those who put time in to selecting the nominees, and the awards themselves.
  13. SG89

    NFL Concept Helmets Concept helmets. On the NFL website. We've reached the end, ladies and gentlemen.
  14. The font you used seem to be slightly off, whether it be the typeface or the weight you used. Also, there seems to be a few little lighting differences, notably around the final scores, and a missing gradient around the emphasized stat (like here). Great job on this, I'll certainly be using the template.
  15. Everything looks crisp, and your attention to detail is superb. Well done.
  16. Stanford's baseball cap logo, as well as the wordmark for their baseball team is missing: Also, they changed their logo slightly in August of 2014:
  17. I really like this design. The chrome accents would be something interesting and unique, and is definitely something I can see at the pro level very soon. The only gripe I have is the order of the colours for the numbers. I think the number colour and the outline colour should be switched. Also, the wordmark on the front of the orange jersey is off centred. I really like the presentation, and overall, this is a superb concept.
  18. I know it's their rumoured colour scheme, so there's not a whole lot you can do about that, but I think the Hawks classic yellow would make that uniform look so much better. Either way, I think you did a great job on the uniform. I like the idea of having "ATL" on the side panel of the pant, as opposed to the jersey.
  19. My only complaint would be the stars on the side panel of the shorts; I think they look out of place a little bit. Perhaps a stripe underneath in order to tie it all together would look better?
  20. I have the exact same project saved on my computer, waiting to be posted. I feel like you're trying to go too traditional with these teams. Colorado has one of the best colour scheme possibilities, in terms of the ability to create something unique, and it looks a little too bland, for my taste.
  21. What if you copied and pasted it from word? Wouldn't that work? Like, using a print screen.
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    NBA Urban (31/30)

    Listen to this man. He is completely correct.
  23. Phase One: Dark | Light Looking back, I'm very disappointed with this entry. I had a good opportunity to completely overhaul these uniforms, and I didn't take it. I am much more pleased with the dark uniform as opposed to the light, and the one helmet and pant rule was certainly a challenge to work with. Phase Two: Dark | Light I was given the task of creating a uniform that balanced a traditional look with something more unique. I think I executed the traditional look relatively well, and added a unique flare in the size of the helmet logo, as well as the more vibrant red. Again, I certainly could have done more with it. Phase Three: Home | Away | ThirdI didn't want to change much, because I really do believe that Nike did a real good job with Florida State. I just tried to clean it up a little bit, especially with removing the pattern from the collar.It was difficult to change, and really be creative with with a team who's uniforms have remained relatively consistent throughout the past 20+ years. Any comments and criticism would be much appreciated. I also have the files saved still, so I may go back and make a few edits.