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  1. Not sure if this is new, but the Astros wore their solid navy caps with their road uniforms today. It looked very sharp.
  2. Seems like all the special event caps this year have had gray undervisors. I wonder if they're considering a change back,
  3. I wish the Jays would wear this hat with the white jerseys.
  4. Any word on when the Blue Jays will wear the white panel hats again?
  5. The Yankees are now wearing matte helmets.
  6. I know it's been discussed before, but the Indians made a big mistake in switching the fauxback alternate from blue-heavy to red-heavy.
  7. I'm increasingly getting the sense that the Padres will be in brown and gold next season.
  8. I will say this about the Diamondbacks' road uniform: I love that they decided to use a different shade of gray.
  9. Not sure about the red-heavy Indians look. Socks should always be consistent. I notice that the Red Sox road uniforms still have names on the back, unfortunately.
  10. These new D-Backs uniforms look absurd on the field. The patterns weren't implemented tastefully at all.
  11. Giants are going with matte helmets.
  12. Sounds like the Blue Jays' white panel caps will return several times this year.
  13. I'm watching the Red Sox play the Orioles right now. Looks like the O's use the road batting helmet for all ST games. The white uniforms look really sharp with the black helmet (no contrasting front panel).
  14. So the Padres go to a blue and gold color scheme at home specifically to commemorate the ASG, make the ASG logo blue and gold, and then roll out brown and gold jerseys. Wow.
  15. I'm fine with the idea of sublimated designs on a baseball uniform as long as they're done tastefully. The D-Backs' look, IMO, is too intrusive and obnoxious.
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