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  1. I think Houston is making all of the right choices; orange shorts and all.
  2. I’m surprised by all of the MLB reliever/closer posts because that’s what I always thought and thought that wouldn’t be a popular choice. Mariano Rivera had “Enter Sandman” and I thought “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes with that bass drum beat would be a cool walkout/warm up song.
  3. Dear San Jose, This is YOUR look. NEVER change.
  4. Hey Inter Miami, do you hate making money? Is there something in the water there? Between Inter, the Marlins, and I would argue the Dolphins, teams seem to do the opposite of what they should from a uniform/branding standpoint.
  5. This is my 2nd annual post acknowledging how wrong I was resisting the Padres going back to brown. Feels like a classic look that will last for decades.
  6. If the Timbers wanted white shorts, they should have gone with white sleeves. I don’t dislike it as much as many of you, but I understand your remarks.
  7. I guess if they wanted to get creative, they could have placed that sound wave in an offset hoop formation on the front of the kit, but it’s fine the way it is.
  8. Nashville looks fine to me. They’re entering their second season and the kit is a club color. It may be plain, but they’re building the club identity. That’s ok by me.
  9. Probably easiest for San Jose to go to a Chelsea-ish look, but I really like the blue shirt/white pinstripe look that Brighton & Hove Albion currently uses.
  10. I’m hoping this pushes San Jose back to a blue shirt/short primary kit. But yeah, the move from an Inter Milan like kit, which is great, to another all black kit is pretty disappointing.
  11. Basically all jerseys outside baseball are pullovers, so I’m going to have to disagree with your point here.
  12. I really like the color application of the RSL badge. A less is more approach looks better than their overly busy standard badge. I also like DC United’s more than I thought I would. The marble design is not overdone. Again less is more. I wish the badge was all blue but it’s a minor complaint overall. Both kits suffer from MLS dictating the star color. Allowing them to be contrasting colors would help them really pop off the kit. Instead they blend in and get lost, but that’s been stated on this board before.
  13. If by fun you mean terrifying, then yes.
  14. Looks good on the shirt and it’s not an obscure company. They could do much worse.
  15. These shirts look great. The Earthquakes kits should definitely be royal blue with black/white accents.