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  1. You can still buy brand new, New Era made, Wahoo hats. Wahoo isn't going away because there is still money to be made off of it. It'll just get pushed to Mitchell & Ness and Cooperstown Collections. *-This is not a Wahoo endorsement.
  2. I like it. I think the logo could be improved. Something like a Hermès or Mercury, a figure with wings on a helmet could look really cool. A sleeve patch of the head with a winged helmet could tie it all together. The font changes are enough for me, and the fact they didn’t try to do too much really works.
  3. The shanks on the 2002 Bucs ring were good for the time, and I would say are better than the 2021 ring. The shanks on the 2021 ring are so uninspired. Pair that with a ring face where the Bucs logo and Lombardi trophies are undersized, and the sabre handle gets lost in the trophy it’s a case of poor execution.
  4. I had the same thought later. This Bucs Super Ring is the worst since…the last Bucs Super Bowl ring. I agree with the White Sox too. Jerry Reinsdorf let his wife design the Bulls championship rings, and most of them are good for the time and there’s some cohesion as the ring shanks are fairly similar. Her design’s simply didn’t hold up anymore by 2005.
  5. That’s a very underwhelming Super Bowl ring. Compared to modern championship rings, it is bad.
  6. The dice feel forced and that’s never good. I don’t mind the patch. It’s proposed as an inaugural season logo, so it wouldn’t be around forever. I like the way it pays homage to the vagabond history of the team. Sorry Oakland fans.
  7. Is the new Fire badge better than what they have? Yes. With that said, rounding everything off makes it look like a neutered take on the original.
  8. I’m not saying directly lift the Arsenal cannon, I just think there’s some inspiration to be found there.
  9. Of course. That’s an underrated badge too.
  10. IMO, the simple cannon approach shown here by Arsenal is something New England should copy. Goes with the Revolution nickname, has historical grounds in the Siege of Boston, and a simple approach would be unique among MLS clubs. A cannon or crossed cannon barrels would look good.
  11. Yeah, the internet is a bad conveyor of tone. I was joking, but I completely agree with you. This decision came from someone or group of people dreaming of a booming bottom line and believing they could get there by copying the name conventions of a Barcelona or Liverpool. They don’t have a clue despite having lessons all around them. They spoke with supporters who told them not to do this, they saw how much Chicago has been mocked, and the influence of supporters has been center stage more than ever with the Super League. It’s really baffling this got to a public release when you take it all into consideration.
  12. I just imagine someone around a conference table making the argument the club needs to change its name to Columbus because Barcelona doesn’t have a moniker like Crew attached to it.
  13. Screams wanna be trendy/knockoff clothing brand on the clearance rack at Wal-Mart to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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