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  1. I would not advocate for a memorial patch, but if they did I would hope it would be a black armband at most. I really don’t want to see a Covid-19 patch or ribbon.
  2. This one starts with Houston:
  3. This is more of a non-story than anything since this mascot is unlikely to become official. In fact, the university has a panel looking into Native American imagery. https://www.news-gazette.com/news/after-the-vote-no-plans-to-choose-mascot-now-ui/article_f73b9496-6146-5b5b-8e7f-3e6fb6b1c432.html As someone who lives in Champaign-Urbana, the Chief Illiniwek debate is one that refuses to die. Older fans have yet to and likely will never accept the NCAA ban, and I do not think the university will choose a new mascot because they fear the backlash. Being told how “respectful” a white kid from suburban Chicago dressed up as an inaccurate depiction of a Native American Chief really is gives you a lesson of how clueless a person can really be. Chief Illiniwek has been gone for 15 years, and it’ll probably be 15 more before the university no longer fears the alumni and fan response to a new mascot. FWIW, I kinda liked the Alma Otter idea from last year.
  4. Blending eras like this really ticks me off, but since it features powder blue and Stan the Man it is probably the best selling Cardinals t-shirt out there. This is not a swipe at Nike because Majestic sold the same shirt.
  5. Tell me about it. I like the new dugout jackets and have been waiting for the Cardinals version to go up. It would be nice to have during the spring when wearing a jacket is the norm.
  6. Is the patchwork rollout of things normal when a uniform supplier changes? Just strikes me as weird that Nike has released items for some teams, and is slowly releasing others.
  7. Finally came across the Dodgers 2018 ring. The face is very similar to the 2017 ring, and the Dodgers had little fanfare around the 2018 ring.
  8. Are there any Astros fans that can give us insight into what the expected fan response will be in Houston? Is attendance expected to decrease?
  9. eBay has been good to me lately. USA made NWT FOR $20
  10. So I engaged in a conversation regarding the LS kits on another widely popular website that is not specific to the content discussed here. This person told me they contacted LAFC directly in regards to being able to purchase an authentic LS shirt. They were told that Adidas will only be making replica LS available for purchase. Sure enough, World Soccer Shop has replica LS shirts for sale. Has anyone else heard this? Edit: I don’t know if all clubs have a LS shirt for sale, but LAFC does.
  11. Fanatics is selling authentics with league patches.
  12. I think Seattle would look best in orange.
  13. Red shorts being worn today:
  14. DCU’s red shorts back in play?
  15. Picked up one of these barely worn off eBay for $15. I’ve always thought it would make a good Sunday home cap.