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  1. Personal accomplishment rings are not standard but also not unheard of. Here is Lucas Giolito’s ring for pitching a no-hitter:
  2. Just because Chicago had a disaster of a badge change doesn’t mean Houston will. The name should stay and doesn’t need any additions like FC or SC. Is light blue still a primary color? I’m fine with orange and black. A badge update would do them good.
  3. St. Louis Cardinals: #51 is/was unofficially retired for Willie McGee, but since he is now a Cardinals coach it is in-use. There have been fan led campaigns to officially retire #51 for McGee, but he doesn’t meet the team’s policy for a retired number. #51 was given to a rookie pitcher, Bud Smith, in 2001 but after the fan outcry for McGee he was switched to #52. #57 is unofficially retired for Darryl Kile. #5 is unofficially retired for Albert Pujols and will someday be officially retired. #25 was unofficially retired for Mark McGwire. Troy Glaus was offered #25 when he was traded to St. Louis, but he said he didn’t want to take McGwire’s number and opted for #8. Of coarse McGwire eventually came back as a coach and resumed #25. It cannot be considered retired today as Dexter Fowler wears it. #32 was unofficially retired for about 10 years for Josh Hancock who died in a drunk driving accident. That broke when Matt Adams, later Jack Flaherty, and now Matt Winters wore the number. Cardinals fans can be annoyingly touchy when it comes to uniform numbers. Many cried foul when Alex Reyes got #29 (Chris Carpenter), Jhonny Peralta got #27 (Scott Rolen), Matt Holliday/Jon Jay/Rafael Furcal got #15 (Jim Edmonds), and Marcel Ozuna got #23 (David Freese). In my opinion, none of these should be retired. Using their own rules, the Cardinals could retire more numbers but they choose not to. I’m thankful for this. I really don’t want to see them become the Yankees and have a slew on the left field wall. Albert will get #5 and Yadi will get #4, and I think the Cardinals will reserve number retirements for generation defining players. The rest will be elected to the team’s hall of fame and I’m fine with that.
  4. The Marlins have the pieces for a competitive team for the coming years. The move to get Marte was a good one. If Jeter and Co can actually build a sustainable team, the Marlins may finally become a respectable franchise.
  5. This is probably just my own bias coming through, but I've always thought the navy cap brings out a navy hue in the gray uniform, and that, the road grays look flat with the red cap.
  6. While I prefer Miller Park, they could have done much worse.
  7. But it is my terrible hill. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Being in Cincinnati, the Cardinals are wearing their navy road caps. As they always should. This is the uniform hill I have chosen to die on.
  9. Chiefs Super Bowl rings coming tomorrow? This is from a member of their communications staff:
  10. Oregon Football’s Pac-12 and Rose Bowl rings:
  11. I acknowledged that being against drunk driving is warranted. It’s a sensitive topic, especially if someone in your life has been hurt or killed by an impaired driver. My objection is dragging Darryl Kile into it. Someone who did not put others at risk and died in his sleep. It was a trash comment, and I honestly cannot understand how anyone can defend it.
  12. I’m holding onto hope that the use of the powder blues results in a return of the swirly P full time.
  13. I agree, it is a loss for the region for the next few years. I kinda saw it coming because there was a report that STLFC had yet to commit to the 2021 USL season. I hope we learn more about this decision, but we know the primary owner of STLFC is a part owner of STLCSC. The removal of STLFC could help solidify the soccer fanbase in the city. Throw your support behind 1 club instead of 2. Second, STLCSC has spoken a lot about building their academy. With STLFC gone, you have facilities for STLCSC to use without tripping over another club. STLFC was great for the city, and I believe their fan support won MLS over. Hopefully they can finish this season strong and leave a lasting memory on the city’s soccer timeline.
  14. Saint Louis FC is closing up shop after this season:
  15. But they aren’t really throwbacks. The Cardinals version never existed, the Blue Jays didn’t have a navy cap, and the Rangers didn’t have a powder blue cap. They are strictly there for merchandise sales.
  16. There’s a line at mocking someone’s death and he crossed it. That’s not comedic it is crass.
  17. As a hat guy, I want to engage in this topic, but your treatment of the Cardinals is gross. Taking issue with drunk driving is understandable, but is unrelated to this topic. Mocking Darryl Kile’s death is inexcusable. You aren’t funny or clever. Being a fan of a rival does not make it ok either.
  18. Those uniforms look like the tacky t-shirts you see in a tourist gift shop.
  19. No reason to invite the worst part of the NBA into MLB.
  20. Here we are in 2020 expressing how dated this crest will look in 5 years. This club won't play its first match for another 2.5 years. Unless they decide to rebrand before they even start, this will be the identity of the club for possibly the next decade at least.
  21. It’s more the contrast of the arch. If Arch Steel is a color, use it. All of the lines running together creates a very muddied look.
  22. How badly did Real Salt Lake screw up to not be Salt Lake City FC?