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  1. I don’t think of NYCFC as “City,” but the majority owners also own Manchester City and I do think of them as “City.” Feels like, to me at least, that St. Louis is forcing its way onto another club’s turf. I might be overthinking it.
  2. Their social media hashtags have capitalized CITY. I wonder if it’s an attempt to make that an official/unofficial name in MLS. Bold play if they are since NYCFC is part of the “City” team of the EPL.
  3. THIS. It is not a good badge. Having the arch in there makes sense. I really think they should have worked in the Apotheosis of Saint Louis.
  4. Despite being a Cardinals and White Sox fan, my first fitted cap was a red crown/black bill Reds cap that I bought when I was 14 because I thought it looked cool. Fast forward a decade later, my only fitted caps are a Cardinals home and road and a White Sox black cap. I’ve graduated from college, so I have a little extra money and I start buying caps I like. A Seattle Mariners teal bill was the start. I really liked the Blue Jays rebrand back to blue so that was next. When the diamond era BP caps were released, my spending increased. Fast forward to today, I have a game or BP cap for every team. It was a slippery slope, but I wear them all. As I’ve aged into my 30s, I’m less inclined to wear team specific shirts and tend to favor blank shirts. That makes it easier to pair with a cap. Sometimes I get asked if I’m a fan of that team, but I’d say in the last 18 months, I’ve had more people ask me if I’m wearing the cap just because it’s a cap. Perhaps it is becoming more normalized? I always think I’m close to being done. I stay close to what is worn in games or on-field, so I don’t get into the custom releases from Hat Club and the likes. I’ve fought off MiLB collecting. I have a fondness for retro designs. I’d like a black Astros with a red star, but I don’t want a 2005 World Series side patch. So, I wait.
  5. If posts like these continue, could we be looking at Saint Louis City?
  6. There is no way they can select the nickname of a Cardinals rival.
  7. Anyone else getting a St. Louis Browns vibe? This would not be new for St. Louis either. Local club soccer uses the King Louis statue in their logo: The short lived Athletica also used it for inspiration:
  8. Gah, they put Ben Hochman’s Confluence idea on the list. I’d be happy with anything above Rhythm that’s NOT Gateway, Legacy, Heritage, or Steamers.
  9. Until Milwaukee wins another pennant.
  10. So Liverpool is getting Premier League rings? Has this been done before? I remember Chelsea getting CL rings a few years back, but I think Drogba bought those.
  11. I smell merchandising. Specifically, the Sounders. I have nothing to back this up, just my suspicion.
  12. The cream alt doesn’t fit the rest of the set. That picture is as if you and your siblings are taking a picture and your goofy uncle jumps in. Yeah you can see a family resemblance but one is not like the others.
  13. I don’t hate it but I would drop football club. I think STL Athletic or Saint (St.) Louis Athletic is fine on its own.
  14. It really is a love it or hate it situation. I love most things about STL, but the pizza is trash.
  15. They wore their road grays today, and those don’t feature the yellow paneled cap.
  16. Have to give credit where credit is due. I was against the Padres going brown and gold, but wow was I wrong. They looked great in action. The yellow Swingin’ Friar patch is the perfect accompaniment.
  17. I like it. If that secondary logo makes it onto a 5950, I’ll be buying.