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  1. Since Mitchell & Ness puts out Spirits of St. Louis merch, someone owns and is licensing that trademark. I doubt MLS wants to go down that legal branding road, so I don’t think we’ll have to worry about Charles Lindbergh hurdles.
  2. For the record, I’m pro curly W. I don’t think a block W looks good on a cap. The curly W, being rounded, softens the stiffness of the letter. Outside having too many alts and caps, I like the W only home white, but if the script went to the home white and the W sticking around on a red or blue alt, I’d be good with that. Make the script red. I like what @itsmb8 did above. Please drop the flag uniforms and caps. We get it, you play in the nation’s capital.
  3. I think this is a good idea in theory, but I don’t think it would translate well to a cap. You would have to condense the W or enlarge the capitol building. Neither option would look good IMO.
  4. I agree with this. Red, blue, and yellow also ties them in color-wise with the. Cardinals and Blues. I really like the green/navy blue/white color scheme of STLFC, and I think it’s different enough from the Sounders to have its own identity in MLS. Since the Rams left, St. Louis sport teams have bonded together as a way of showing how good of a sports town St. Louis is. I think the club colors will stay in the lane of the other teams in the city. I sort of wonder if this new St. Louis club will look to Barcelona for kit design ideas.
  5. So I emailed the Harrisburg Senators asking for an update. They responded in less than an hour. Sounds like stock arrival is way backed up. New caps may be in the states, but getting them to vendors is taking a lot longer than usual. I was sure to tell the team that I didn’t fault them.
  6. I ordered a special edition cap from the Harrisburg Senators last fall that was supposed to arrive in June. Got an email from the team saying it had been delayed and I would get it sometime in July. They didn’t say this, but most of us know that a majority of New Era’s production has moved overseas. I have to imagine that the current global health situation has significantly impacted production and shipping in regards to stock.
  7. Typically I would agree with you, but the Cardinals celebrate the Browns in their museum. The 1944 World Series is especially revered because it was an all St. Louis series. The current Cardinals ownership has ties to the Browns as it was Chairman Bill DeWitt Jr’s batboy uniform that Eddie Gaedel wore when he became the shortest person to appear in a major league game.
  8. I don’t believe the Orioles acknowledge this. Personally, I would like to see the Cardinals have something at Busch Stadium commemorating the Browns pennant in the name of St. Louis baseball history. They do have a George Sisler statue and sell some Browns merch, but at the same time that pennant belongs to the Orioles as a franchise.
  9. Yeah, 3 rings does seem excessive, but it is hardly a new practice. Congrats to LSU. Their ring set looks pretty good IMO.
  10. The LSU rings are out, and the SEC ring looks like the biggest in the bunch.
  11. Hearing Todd Radom discuss on the Baseball Tonight podcast the complexities of securing a team name from a trademark etc. standpoint made me wonder if Diamondbacks became a team name because it was easy to secure from a legal standpoint.
  12. I agree. I’ll admit that I liked the DIAMOND (backs) uniform the first time I saw it as a kid, it is way too disjointed and clunky to look good today. Best reserved as a way to commemorate the ‘98 season every 5-10 years.
  13. This uniform with the purple home cap would have created a more unified uniform set, and would have looked better, IMO.
  14. How did this become their road cap? The snake D led to a very divided home and road look that always felt like two teams mashed into one. I don’t think it’s a good looking logo, and I am glad they have stuck with the A.
  15. Team: We have plans to release new uniforms in 2021. MLB: No no no. With the coronavirus severely limiting the 2020 season, the last thing we want is a new uniform that will likely create merchandise sales and increase fan interest in your team.
  16. I’ve wondered how the domino effect of cord cutting would affect baseball since he seems to be more dependent on RSNs than other leagues. Universal DH, ads on uniforms, and would you be surprised if the AL and NL were abolished for regional divisions? The MLB that we know is dying right before our eyes and I believe it is headed for niche sport status in my lifetime (I’m 34).
  17. I would have to disagree. These uniforms, much like the teams that wore them, were boring and forgettable.
  18. If Nelson Cruz makes this catch, the Rangers win the World Series and David Freese is just the last out.
  19. HatClub is good at marketing to their customers. Almost everything that’s decent sells out.
  20. If they were to have a B monogrammed cap, using the B from the road Baltimore makes a lot of sense and looks unique enough to stand on its own.
  21. It is interesting to observe because in 2016 all of the players were switched over, but in 2006 there is a mix of wool and poly hats.
  22. I’m watching Game 5 of the 2006 World Series. I know New Era switched to black under brim polyester hats with the raised MLB logo for 2007, but it appears Justin Verlander is wearing that model in this game as well. Does anyone remember New Era previewing this change in the playoffs/World Series. We saw them role out flagged hats in the 2016 World Series.