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  1. As if Tulo knew we were talking about him, he leaves a game with an injury tonight.
  2. Yeah but what do they have to trade? They have no farm system and a club full of aging veterans. Yeah they can take on the contract, but the Rockies would definitely want players in return, young players big league ready or just about there. Something the Yankees don't have.Well said. When you combine Tulo's salary and injury history with the Rockies likely desire for a ransom haul a trade to the Yankees and most other teams becomes very unlikely. In my opinion for a deal to actually get done to any team, Tulo is going to have to publicly ask for a trade. Right now the Rockies have all the leverage. Of course someone could get desperate and offer the farm in the next 11 days.
  3. While the Yankees won't be able to grab Tulo on the open market, they are one of the few teams who might not flinch at the $20 mil he's owed each season from 2015 through 2019.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw these all-star hats or a variation of them become the new BP hats in 2015. MLB/New Era have to be eager to find a new design to sell consumers on.
  5. In my opinion this is the best uniform in the current Marlins set
  6. I remember reading once that the wife of Jerry Reinsdorf (owner of the Bulls and White Sox) had a lot of input on the design of the Bulls and White Sox championship rings. If this is true it'd probably explain why the White Sox ring has that oval feminine shape. Even with that said, I'd still take one.
  7. Yep. It's just another attempt to sell more hats. So will the Orioles' hat just look like their usual home hat? Will the Nats' hat look like their BP hat? If they keep this up, what happens when the Reds host next year? Every hat will be designed with their standard team color with their logo? Riveting That means my beloved Nats could be wearing [gulp] this: http://mlb.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pMLB2-3537931dt.jpg ???? Every team's hat logo will have an unnecessary black drop shadow.
  8. It's almost turning into an unpopular opinion to not like all the extra stuff (especially hats) MLB has put into games over the last few years. I'd like to believe that the public agrees with me, but we ultimately vote with our wallets and MLB keeps rolling the stuff out.
  9. I think MLB has a rule against alt jerseys in the ASG (I think 97 was the last year they were allowed). This asks the question, does MLB see the Marlins black jersey as an alt or their standard road jersey? My money is on the road grays making an appearance in Minnesota.
  10. Does anyone remember which recent All-Star game where MLB wanted to use the BP jerseys in the game? I want to say 2003 in Chicago but I can't find a reference to it. Anyway if I remember right the public outcry against this convinced MLB to use the player's team uniforms. I wonder is a similar outcry would occur if MLB were to announce a plan to use these BP hats during the ASG.
  11. I don't think a there's a big difference between the 49ers ring of 94 and rings of today. The 49ers commentated their 5th Super Bowl win, something no other team could say at the time and only 2 more since. I would argue that the Patriots, Cowboys, Steelers, Giants, Ravens and Packers all used large stones to commemorate multiple Super Bowl wins since with the body of the trophy being made of multiple diamonds increasing bragging rights for the number of diamonds on that ring. Enamel paint may add nice details but it can also rub off. I think colored details on the shanks in the future will follow the example of the Patriots and STL Cardinals and use colored stones. Yellow gold may be out at the moment, but lets not forget that the Steelers have also used it in recent memory. White gold is fitting for Seattle as there is not a yellow gold color on their logo.
  12. I agree with this. IMO anything else is arguement for the sake of arguement.
  13. St. Louis Cardinals: The home whites are perfect. Unpopular opinion I do not like the cream alts, and please DeWitt family listen to the fans. We want the navy cap worn for every road game. Chicago White Sox: Put the diamond sock logo back on the road grays. Chicago Bears: As long as the navy pants are worn with the road white jersey this team's set is hard not to like. Chicago Bulls: In my opinion their look is rivaled only by the Celtics. I prefer the Jordan era pinstripe black alt though. St. Louis Blues: Scrap everything except the alt and revert back to the mid 2000s look. USC Football: Perfect Liverpool FC: Too much piping on the new kits. USMNT: How hard is it to match the shade of blue to our national flag?
  14. I think these are an improvement over the NL and AL specific BP caps, but the contrast provided by each player's individual team hat is still looks the best.
  15. Unlike most fans I don't like these uniforms. They're a gimmicky money grab faux back. I liked the fact that the Cards had a single home and away uniform (much like the Yankees and Tigers). I have accepted that these probably aren't going away anytime soon.
  16. Sporting Kansas City got their 2013 MLS Cup rings today. MLS rings have come a long way in the last few years. More information can be found here. http://www.sportingkc.com/news/2014/05/sporting-kansas-city-presented-stunning-mls-cup-championship-rings-jostens
  17. There are championship rings for things you've probably never thought of. My grandfather was the 1974 sheep sheering national champion, and for that he became the first person they awarded a championship ring to.
  18. Orioles in black script always reminds me of Cal Ripken Jr. and 2131.
  19. Of course it doesn't say that on the ring, so Gundy can roll up to a recruit's house and show off the new shiny hardware. Lets be honest, this is why we see so many championship rings for so little accomplished (a division title?). Rings are tools used to woo recruits. If you don't have something new to show off then you aren't doing it right.
  20. ^ Google Mickey's Place Cooperstown NY. On another note, I think 1993 was the last year the batterman logo didn't appear on the back of New Era MLB hats. I agree with other posters that the NE flag ruins the look.
  21. While I prefer the Mets using blue and orange over any use of black, in my opinion the road set didn't look that bad.
  22. Cardinals photographer shows off his championship ring collection. Via @scottrovak
  23. They couldn't schedule the Royals for this? Why didn't the Cubs have this promotion last week when Pittsburgh was in town? At least that city had a Federal League team in 1914 and could have lent some credibility to a throwback uniform. Lets call this what it is. Next Wednesday the Cubs and Diamondbacks are going to play dress up. Leave it to the Cubs to screw up the centennial of their own ballpark. They're already off to a good start.
  24. Even though I'm a Cardinals fan first, growing up in the 90s I always thought that the Mariners had some of the coolest uniforms. I still think that the teal brim cap is one of the best in baseball. I really wish they'd make it the primary home cap.
  25. The new rebrand is just ok. I really wish they had implemented the state of Illinois in there somewhere. I really like this football helmet minus the stars.